1. Then you’ll only be 1 kill away😉

  2. bro is the luckiest noob ever

  3. I buy skins if I like them even if I don’t play the character I’m a wattson player not a wraith

  4. “Doesn’t play her” but bought skins

  5. Yeah bro every store update i get hyped incase they put it 😂

  6. I know I’m so scared when I’m out of town or something cuz they gonna release it

  7. dude i was gone for 4 days and i was terrified of final sunset coming out cause of vacation

  8. idk 🤷‍♂️ I’m just him

  9. Look at relentless aggression

  10. my fav redditor that doesnt know how to take a screenshot

  11. Have you bought this laptop yourself? Or is it issued to you by your work/school?

  12. My dad had it before me so idk

  13. It looks way better than void magic with those skins you use lol

  14. Thought you meant with this setup. When I’ll get home I’ll do some experimenting

  15. I pray that we get this glorious skin on the 2nd

  16. Will this come out on may 2?

  17. Idk it’s fine but wraith looks kinda trash

  18. I have 366 wins on wraith but only 6100 kills and I’m not even that good lol

  19. I’d say every 2k kills getting 100 wins is a pretty good ratio for the common player.

  20. he really pulled this one 3 times wow so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. bro idc what’s the point of commenting this? I was asking and saying if this pull out is really rare or not and you gotta be like “I’m so cool and tuff so I’ll comment on this and think I’m cool”

  22. Shame, wraith mains seem to really be lacking in legendaries

  23. The point of this comment?

  24. Whats the point about complaining on reddit about the lack of wraith cosmetics?

  25. I personally despise this skin its the ugliest apex skin in the game i dont even know how poeple like this skin my opinion would be to save but its up to you

  26. No Srry I meant I looked at gameplay and stuff I thought it was cool but changed my mind

  27. Where’s the Wraith Skin?

  28. Well shoot. Sorry man. Hopefully you can order it offline and have it shipped soon to you.

  29. Probably got corrupted then at some point. It happens. Might need to get a new one then. Luckily only games (maybe captures) are stored to those, save files are stored on the internal hard drive of the console, so youd only have redownload the games you intend to play.

  30. Then you shouldn’t be surprised, people use different lingo, you yourself ain’t coming off as smart saying “bro” but to each their own.

  31. Sorry Man, I wish you the best of luck!

  32. Anniversary when you made ur reddit account lol

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