1. I have the same problem with different pc for several years now. Still did not find any solutions

  2. Windows is lretty much straight forward. You can make sure to partition or/and format the hdd/ssd. Most drivers are installed automatically. You can download intel driver assistent if ypu have an intel processor. Or the equivalent for amd. The same for thebgraphics card. If its a laptop you can registee it on the manufacturer website and have a selection of reccomended drivers. Good luck!

  3. Laptopul care "doneaza" dvd-rw nu mai e in stare de functionare.

  4. Ia-ți un adaptator SATA 7+6/USB 2.0, cel mai simplu.

  5. asa caut deocamdata, cautam variante si garantia ca merge inainte sa dau banii. tx

  6. soon.. I saw somewone reach 157 ish..

  7. I must be thinking of some other old cartoon...I remember a white hound type dog with black ears...

  8. it;s in my plans too to play as a mongol and fuck europe up >:))

  9. I only had Rome county by some mistake, and most of my vassals are kingdom-tier rulers. it's an old version I won't run it anymore.

  10. He just identifies organs by scent.

  11. He just identifies as non-blind :))

  12. Coaie ce site au aia am crezut ca am intrat din greseala pe pornhub cu toata familia de fata.

  13. merci, dar nu vreau sa trec vama, if you kno' what I mean ;)

  14. Dacă vrei sălbăticie du-te în Vadu. Nu mai e nici aici atât de liber dar e o plajă destul de mare încât să îți găsești un loc liniștit. Trebuie doar să achiți permisul de acces în rezervație.

  15. decathlon? nu mai stiu daca e in S2, dar au service in fiecare magazin

  16. I'm surprised it runs W10 x32, it can run x64 with another 2GB RAM. You can try the upgrade although it would not make much of a difference.

  17. vreau si eu sa stiu, promit ca nici nu o sa merg acolo :)

  18. bolt food. mai au oferte din cand in cand, nu strica sa ai aplicatia, la fel si pt cand nu ai chef sa stai 4 ore la supermarket, eeu comand cate 2 plase de chestii si baxuri de apa, mi le aduce la usa pt max 20 de ron, cateodata livrarea e gratuita, gen 0.04 ron. tazz mai are oferte ok.

  19. https://techdevguide.withgoogle.com/

  20. Your part numbers are:

  21. I understand, I am keeping this as the last resort. I'll research about newer slim MSI fans first.

  22. Did you repaste? Of you keep the stock dried out paste it will run hot, and the fans will run at much higher RPMs.

  23. i did, will do again when i change it

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