1. Santier's Spear or Heide Lance + some Straight Sword in offhand... Do I need to say anything?

  2. Comes in handy sometimes. Especially sweeping R2 attack.

  3. Tears ahead, but don't give up skeleton!

  4. Dude, you asked for it already today and people gave you bunch of answers. What's the point of asking again?

  5. "Ug"... for two word as you corrected yourself "Ugly Turthuros"

  6. Don't listen to people who say "lvl ADP" too much... LVL it to get at least 96 agility, 99 if you want more but don't want too much and 105 agility MAX, don't go above.

  7. Ruin Sentinels, the First Major Gank Boss

  8. Invading, invading and invading once more... build variety and fashion too. It's controversial I know, but I like both AGL and SM mechanics and only DS2 has them from all From games.

  9. It's not an attack to dodge... you run, it's easy to tell when it is about to fly. Just use your brain and you'll do just fine.

  10. Yet another post with generic female character creation. You don't even want to know how many characters looking EXACT the same I saw while invading, white/bright-pink hair, weird face that tries to be anime/cute... but fails and most of the time skin is way too pink or way too bright. I never get why people make AND POST characters like that... it doesn't even look realistic or aeshtetic.

  11. Play it now and go for another playthrough when (and if) the servers will be back. You'll be more experienced so you'll get more fun from invading and helping other people as a summon.

  12. Pursuer, Ancient Dragon, Darklurker... I would like to add Ruin Sentinels and Glass Knight just because Glass Knight invasions, but you asked for three.

  13. Agape Ring, Fashion Ring, Third Dragon Ring and on 4th slot - current covenant ring/Ring of Blades/Cat Ring/Stone Ring... (I invade most of the time when I play DS2) It might be controversial opinion, but I'd suggest you to drop chloranthy ring as soon as possible, it's good to learn how to play without it. It's something you really don't need and you get free slot for something better.

  14. You are salty salty man... geez, I just checked previous post/comments on your profile, get some help man and I don't mean it as an insult. About servers I think most of the people are annoyed, but what can you do? Big boycott and lawsuits are overkill, it's just a game. About your saves, well... feels bad man, but get over it.

  15. I am not salty, I am fair. Why should we suffer due to the mismanagement of From Soft? Why should my save files disappear?

  16. As I said, if you suffer from things like that... get some help.

  17. Iframes tied to ADP/ATT are better than equipload % dependent iframes. Weapon scaling is not that important to care about much, base stats are enough.

  18. Happens to almost everyone on their first playthrough. Don't give up skeleton!

  19. It's not a meme build, but it was pretty fun. FoFG, 9.999SM, +0 weapon, white ring to look like spirit and tribal looking fashion. At first I was walking around, following hosts as some kind of spirit of the forest or something... but when they attacked me, I was taking off my White Ring, making my character turn red in fury. Killing them with no remorse. But for the ones who wouldn't attack me, there was a reward, giant seed. If one was smart enough to use it, I would help them to get through the area.

  20. I think everyone covered it enough, nonetheless I would add one thing... Get Mace and infuse it with magic + use Magic Weapon Sorcery... it will carry you for most of the game if not whole game. You can get preinfused one in Huntman's Copse for free, won't tell you where to not spoil exploration. Additionally, don't focus too much on ATT and INT only, it can screw you if you'll play without endurance, vigor, adaptibility etc.

  21. Yeah, I feel more and more that it might be the case... I wonder how it will turn out.

  22. Pursuer is awesome. Besides the fact that you keep running into him across the game, he's such a difficult boss the first time you play. I spent hours trying to beat him on my first playthrough.

  23. I actually love the fact that you fight him multiple times, you can see your progress in skill on your first playthrough. Would love to see him buffed somewhere in endgame too.

  24. Yeah but without NG+, like instead of getting 4 pursuers at Lost Bastille getting them more spread throughout the game. In Undead Crypt, Dragon Shrine etc. etc.

  25. PvP and PvE is the same server, I don't know why they called it like that though. Bandai/From as always are full of shit towards their playerbase when it comes to support and signal what is happening.

  26. Probably you are trying to spam casts and if I'm not wrong... double click is for strong attack on keyboard and mouse. It's best to play with controller though.

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