1. Should replace latoratah and sagouzo placement as latoratah for speed run and sagouzo for strong punch , anyway it really cool design nice works

  2. when Miyabi mention uproar isn't really stars gen 4

  3. Sorry its keep bugging in my head for some time and i really want to know the answer, i don't need sleep i need answer

  4. What would happen if cid find out the cult and all of his roleplay actually exist

  5. I wonder if they gonna summon multiple warden at once like their jp stars senpai

  6. Nice finally all tempus VG limit had been lifted , i wonder if one of them can beat leader longest stream record

  7. As long its not Deen its a win for me

  8. god I've read these before it's time bending cluster fuck I don't even know the ending his brother has comeback or still dead

  9. Nope he dead for good and the sister stop taking medicine to remember his brother and move on

  10. I have no seen a single person bad mouthing him over this lmao I seen like one person disappointed but thats it. Everyone is just excited for a new Jojo part

  11. Lucky you i saw they complaining about not getting new girl Jojo and saying araki is a coward for it , i mostly Saw it on Twitter cause that where i Saw the leak for first time

  12. Are you on twitter? If so, gett off. It'll work wonders for your mental health.

  13. Yeah it mostly from Twitter cause i first time saw the leak there and u right i think i should get off this app now , and yup the it gonna take place in subtropical island so maybe it gonna take place around south east Asian and oceania countries (especially Papua new Guinea)

  14. Sir this is holostars subreddit not nijisanji ,if you looking for someone that have Shu notebook and willing to sell it so you can buy it i after missing it to whatever reason you mention above , i recommended posted on nijisanji subreddit and not here

  15. In the flashback we know Diego married an old lady just for her Fortune , what if the old lady got pregnant from Diego and their descendant Will Mary someone from joestar and bloodline and boom giorno with Diego bloodline and Johnny bloodline (idk i already run out of idea how giorno Will inheret Diego bloodline)

  16. A. If he see the disguise worth it for the mob role then he definitely do it

  17. Its almost impossible for a female character die in this series , the only female character death are either not really important to the main plot (millie and Sherry mom) or a villan which is rare (rose mother)

  18. Is this pure Al generate or there's someone roleplay as cid here (since i need to know if i can go all out or if there's a limit)

  19. Alright which mf keep giving this straycat rokakaka

  20. Vesper like evolto but instead In build series , he's in saber series

  21. I know majority here vote part 7 as best part but for me personally its part 8 , araki really peak his drawing in that part plus i love the new higashikata family here

  22. I can't believe this is the same man that tired doing 4 sit ups

  23. Don't mind me im just coping here since i still can't get over shinove graduation

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