1. The backward and sideway knees and elbows are ofc very unrealistic. The clinch grappling system is trash in ufc 4 . The game is very boxing focused and the block breaking combos make no sense. The kicks and the range and damage are stupid such as the spinning side kick and axe kicks the tracking is a joke.

  2. ' Grunge sucks, and so does fame' - Kurt Cobain. If this quote doesn't have a reliable source than it ain't real silly.

  3. I really don't give a fuck if he wins, I expect him to, and I'm not denying he is a great fighter, I just wish you Jones nuthuggers would also acknowledge he is a scumbag.

  4. I've seen ex Jon Jones( MartialMind) who just stopped having any faith in Jon after the hall of fame day. That news was really disappointing, some of us thought Jon was actually in a better place in 2020 he almost went a whole year ( 2020 - 2021) without committing any crime and then he did some drugs, beat his wife, got arrested and had the most embarrassing night of his life on day celebrating his accomplishments as one of the best mma fighters ever.

  5. I think that fight falling out is more of Francis not happy with his pay, rather than Jones being scared. Lets be honest Jones would 'try' and make his fight with Franics be all about grappling and some kickboxing.

  6. Before I die I need to see someone in any MMA organisation get a knockout by imanari rolling and throwing an upkick

  7. Niko price or Michel Pereira might achieve it one day

  8. Wait is Chris Weidman thinking of returning to mma?

  9. Just curious, but in the last episode when they filmed everyone overlapping at the station crosswalk, did they film that when they filmed S1? Or did they rebuild the set and film it in S2?

  10. I think that was a season 2 original shot, since Heiya is a new character, funnily enough Banda and the other winner from the Collar card game are not there.

  11. They sacrificed themselves so he could live. He has survivors guilt. It wasn't a memory or a hallucination. He was actually seeing the spirits/souls of Karube and Chota in the afterlife/in between the world of the living and dead as a final goodbye.

  12. Yeah makes sense , so it was a new scene, but then it transformer into a flashback?

  13. Im still permabanned for my custom Bruh spam :9668: and the mods replied back to me with "Bruh"

  14. You deserve the love of being of banned C'mon man bruh

  15. Yessss omg! 😆 Aguni is INMORTAL. I saw him getting beat up by the horse guy but he recovers well, nothing wrong with that. But then at the Beach he runs against bullets that CLEARLY HIT HIM, multiple times! Then runs into the fire! But!! He survived and then gets beat up by Spade King only to come back and get shot who knows how any times more and he still not dead! Like damn this guy. Also big plot hole, how did he appeared behind Spade King at the store without a sound, in that scene we could hear the grip of his damn glove lol

  16. Brother, you have to ignore logic and reasoning when watching the show. This show isn't trying to be a 10/10, its job is to be entertaining, emotional and thought provoking.

  17. Very good question, if they make a season 3 or a special maybe we will find out.

  18. Thanks for not changing that. I’ve seen similarly versions of polls and they change it on the final round to who you want to win and it confuses everyone.

  19. Classic Alice In borderlands Game manipulation. Its an Ace of Hearts trick

  20. Sad thing is the show actually did her a favor since she is much more invisible in the manga.

  21. Man its typical in stories like this to just focus on a main story , one side story instead of 5 side stories and a main story. Season 2 had a such A crazy budget but why did tease characters who ended up just doing nothing really important

  22. That was probably the most frustrating part for me. If she had to go hiking, I wish she had learned more than ‘time seems to flow different’.

  23. I haven't read the manga but maybe the writer just didn't know what to do about the character, quite let down tbh

  24. Perfectly said. Chishiya is just a depressed, apathetic smart guy. Some people say that he's calm because he's a genius or arrogant, but imo, he simply doesn't fear death because like you said, he doesn't have a reason to keep living. I think that was made pretty clear in his backstory and the King of Diamonds game.

  25. I think he denied permanent residence, because he had found a purpose in life through what Arisu and Kuzuryu have said to him. He did change but it will be slow process as he has realised to care for others again, and maybe even sacrifice his life for someone he cares about.

  26. This woman used her eyes to tell this guy he has fucked up. His punch had did no damage to her.

  27. This has to be SFM animation. No way this was in the game

  28. The video never said her age , which is abit strange


  30. Not always, I've dated a few taller women (6'2 6'5), but I've never met a woman my height. The tallest I've met was 6'10. I try not to be that picky because I know I'm not perfect, I mean hell, I look like Jack skellington at 7'3 and 180lbs. When I dated the tallest girl (6'5), I have to say, it took some getting used to lol it honestly at first made me uncomfortable. Nothing against her at all! She was drop-dead gorgeous and had a very well sculpted body. What was hard to get used to what I hadn't had before. It was nice. I didn't have to bend down to kiss her and all, but I guess where I've dwarfed just about every girl because there isn't an abundance of taller women. My mom is 5'11 and my step mom is 6', so I'm used to that, but she was close to the height of the majority of males in my family. I think mostly it was new to me and threw me off. I'm not saying your comment is false. I'm just giving a tall individual's perspective.

  31. yeah.... no thanks, I don't think OP or any of us want to be arrested.

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