1. Can you really become a “good” ex Nazi. Especially in prison where Nazi gangs are some of the most violent

  2. White Supremacists have had a change of ideology and heart before. Not enough people but it's something.

  3. Or pointing out that you're full shit with no life experience to push said ideas.

  4. I'm married to the first and only guy I fucked. I'm just not a judgemental cunt.

  5. Context of the sentence is not judging other women for their sexual history, I'll judge you for being a misogynist any day. Reading comprehension is so lacking.

  6. Hmm sounds like another religion...oh what is it again? oh yeah Islam :)

  7. I feel like this blog is gonna be evidence in a murder documentary one day. This guy is a psycho, and we only know cos religion emboldened him to think this is normal and acceptable.

  8. I think more about that Ariel guy that kidnapped women and kept them in the basement.

  9. Which makes me think these people sympathize with the Oppressors.

  10. Spoiler alert, they continuously sympathize with the oppressors

  11. You can try as hard as you want but be aware that you can’t successfully fight facts. I love your guys ability of denying reality you’re hilarious

  12. Dude, you're just flinging your opinions, those aren't facts. You fight a fact with evidence, and you haven't submitted shit to back yourself up. I think you're projecting your own lack reality recognition.

  13. I had not seen those particular Feit lights. It looks like they've gotten more serious in the full spectrum / higher power space. If they're the ones I can find online they're somewhere in the 80 to 90 watts each. You can start a full 10 to 12 square feet of seedlings with that pair. Even at that height you probably want them backed off a bit from full power.

  14. I got these at Ace Hardware and I think it said 84 or 89 watt. I a few weeks I'm gonna start some more seedlings so I'm glad I got two.

  15. Oh, the higher powered grow lights are definitely nice. They're overkill for starting seeds, but they're so versatile for a bunch of uses, including growing cuttings and bringing mature plants through winter dormancy, etc.

  16. Even if not outright stated everyone knows that these women are being payed so that some poor lonely guy can finally have the experience of having a woman acknowledge his existence. That is not healthy. Someone who takes money from a mentally unwell person that could have been spent getting real help is not a good person.

  17. Then you are infantilizing every man who spends money on online sex work, that's even worse. What exactly is your issue with sex work?

  18. Yeah, if someone has poor grammar, punctuation, or spelling, then their argument is automatically invalid.

  19. It's also not sex-related, just to make sure that's clear. The lady on the bottom fainted, and the lady on top was reenacting a biblical scene where a boy is saved from death, because I guess she thought it would help???

  20. It shouldn’t be used as an example because I ended up being trans, and forced feminization (the type where their body gets physically transformed) was probably just me not admitting to myself what I wanted

  21. Bloke has been playing too much Fallout 3 and mistook Alaska for Canada

  22. I think Canada was annexed by the US in the games. I could be wrong.

  23. That's worrisome. Tomato seeds and strawberry seeds look nothing alike. Imagine a starberry - it's seeds are what coat the exterior.

  24. It's a let it keep going and it'll tell what it is eventually.

  25. Also post pics of the seeds if you have any leftover. That can be helpful for making an Id.

  26. PG&E should be. they've fucked this state over so many times I'm surprised they're still in business

  27. A couple weeks ago I finally tried a thong, just to see how it would feel, since I felt like the only woman my age who didn’t wear them at all. Once I got over my ass feeling "vulnerable" in my pants, walking around was actually no big deal, and didn't feel like an underwear wedgie.

  28. "If you're offended by my offensive misogynist rants then the problem is you, because YOUR KIND is always terrible all around. How dare you want to date people you find appealing, have sex, and find my terrible attitude and outlook on life unattractive!"

  29. Can flip this on them, when their getting bitchy at us discussing the pedos in their club.

  30. Yes what he is proposing is essentially legal human trafficking. Some human trafficking victims get paid, but very low wages, such that not enough to get out of their situation. Combine that with this person intending to control their immigration status, may qualify.

  31. Yeah not a fan of that at all, haven’t seen it too often when talking to other writers at conventions. It’s a bit self-indulgent

  32. So I wonder if it is just that they are all influenced by King and end up using his tropes or if it was a trope before he used it in multiple books.

  33. Meanwhile...Jim-Bob is over here fast at work creating patriarchal memes, whilst Betty slaves away in the kitchen--agreeing with Jim-Bob every time he mutters incoherent gibberish, followed up with "ain't that right sweetheart?". The children swarm around Betty as she tries to make supper and wash the dishes as she goes. The baby is fussy. In comes little Johnny with a task for mom...because that's what women are--breeders/caregivers/sex dolls. They become mom's and wive's and their entire identity becomes that of she who serves the men folk and cares for the children...as her soul recedes into the darkness. Alas'...Jim-Bob comes to take the trash out and save the day!

  34. Don't have dyslexia but after staring at it for a bit and realizing the bottom says a certain word, the rest started getting easier to read. It's still a bad logo.

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