1. I like Pedro Grifol but can we not do this again

  2. His starting lineups were based on who showed up to bible study.

  3. MJ Melendez was taken out of a lineup once earlier this year. No one really said why but it was on a Sunday so the joke was he missed pregame church

  4. I'm guessing a lot of minor league catchers that can run move to the outfield.

  5. It's unfortunate KC no longer has an Athletic writer, but each of the Greinke articles are as great as you'd expect.

  6. If it was anyone but Weaver I would find this funny and endearing. But since it's him, I agree with this being stupid bullshit.

  7. He got himself away from Matheny, and for that we should thank him. He definitely would have been one of the 5th inning pitchers had he been available.

  8. It was a fun roller coaster from my POV

  9. Multiple times this season he has either said, or suggested, that it's not about winning and losing, it's about being a good person. He'd be a great commissioner but he is an awful GM.

  10. Surprised it took this long. The Athletic story on the lack of pitching development didn’t do him any favors.

  11. The funniest part is when he refuted the article, calling them liars, without providing any evidence of it.

  12. Royals somehow managed to hand Luis Arraez an 0-5 night. You better thank them.

  13. Great by Bobby but that stretch by the first baseman was very good too

  14. Nick Pratto was the MiLB GG 1st base last year. His bat has been up and down but his defense has always been top.

  15. Go into upcoming FAs on your team tab and use the drop down action bar to offer minor league contracts to all not on the 40 man roster.

  16. Haha had that happen to me in a live start save with the Royals, owner wanted me to resign Salvador Perez but he retired, luckily the game recognizes it and the goal/demand is null and void. Owner doesn't even mention in when he/she reviews the year's goals.

  17. In his defense, kind of surprised he retired. He was never a good hitter but he had 80 catching ability his entire career. Constantly 4+ WAR seasons on defense alone.

  18. I like owner goals on. It makes it more realistic, having owners sometimes make ridiculous goals and kind of force their gm’s hand

  19. Most times, I ignore it. Sometimes, it reminds me I'm going too hard on the budget and losing the team $20 mil a year. This particular owner has demanded I'd resign some each year, this is the first time it's been someone who already retired.

  20. I enjoy these "score in more than 1 inning" type of games

  21. Every time Salvy does something fun, O'Hearn is there to remind us he exists.

  22. Pitch not close to the strike zone. Just throws his bat at it and it goes a long way.

  23. Drafted him purely to control his career. His movement and control managed to get worse.His stuff got even better. He developed a change up. He has somehow managed to do well in every level. Only pitched 3.2 innings of September call-ups before an injury ended the year. AI wanted to put him on the playoff roster and I was even considering it. This man has been a personal hero.

  24. Dude has a place in every major league city. Never know what tomorrow holds.

  25. Having Carey play anywhere but CF feels like kind of a waste. The guy blocking him better be Willie Mays.

  26. Sidenote: A pitcher was given a Silver Slugger despite the rule being newly implemented. Went to a 2-way player, of course.

  27. Personally, I prefer the DH but I definitely acknowledge the strategic value.

  28. As a fan of a RL AL team, I definitely prefer the DH. More offense = more excitement. As an AL GM in the game, I suddenly have way too many 1B only position players.

  29. Even in a blowout, Matheny finds a way to piss me off

  30. They have their bias moments, they are paid by the team, but they'll give credit where credit is due. Yesterday, they were raving about Soto's youth and incredible discipline.

  31. Dude is throwing 6 below average to average pitches, with equally average batting potential as a 17 year old.

  32. I can't stand having managers for more than 2 years. They love taking control of hirings and will sign some of the biggest losers I've ever seen to coach.

  33. To that second point, has anyone worn number 30 since Ventura died?

  34. Danny Duffy did when he gave up his old 41 for Carlos Santana, with the blessing of Ventura's mom

  35. I'd like to think it'd be KC. He seems serious about retiring as a Royal despite them not bring close to competitive.

  36. Beginning of the season isn’t wonky, it’s what happens in real life… almost every team sells out opening day

  37. The wonkiness is what happens after opening day. Even the perennial powerhouses see a drop in attendance in OOTP for a bit. Seems like no one shows up until teams are really in the hunt.

  38. Has Moore ever extended a pre-arbitration guy? I don't think even Salvy got an extension until arbitration.

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