1. Pretty sure it’s actually signed. I think Tim showed a who box that he needed to finishes signing on stream

  2. Bruh I’m dead 💀 (not actually. It’s an expression to indicated that I’m laughing hard)

  3. The new blue cash everyday. I liked the transparent one

  4. 5k or less. Tbh I wouldn’t pay this high if J customs didn’t exist

  5. Tbh discover did it better this year. More people use digital wallets than PayPal. Same thing for Amazon and Walmart

  6. Sam's club and Aldi doesn't bag anything I'm jelly

  7. Aldi has it figured out. Big brained

  8. "5x back" is marketing talk off some base value of some other card that bank has - cannot really determine what it is without reading the fine print. 5% back is exactly that, for every 100 dollars you spend, you get 5 dollars to spend for free.

  9. Where did you get this information?

  10. Aldi and sams club for groceries. Meijer for random things when I have bottle return money. And Target for home decor :)

  11. What’s SD? Store director? If so ew no. They’re a two faced bitch with a power trip

  12. The last in Jazz part of Playing god is really fun and easy. Took me like 2 hours to learn. Also taught me some cool chord shapes that I didn’t even know existed

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