1. However much I pay in gas per year lmao

  2. However much I pay in gas per year lmao

  3. If you're concerning yourself with the way people wipe their asses, you're a creepy freak.

  4. Be rocking that 80s shag haircut as an accounting student ⛷️

  5. I kinda liked him more than death. Death had a cool edginess to him but Jack was so insane it was funny.

  6. “Bring me your most unarmed new grad”

  7. Yes bruh put them grippers away 😭

  8. Why is nobody talking about how he is apparently on the brink of homelessness yet has two piercings

  9. They will remove your fingernails and jam their thumbs into your eyes

  10. I got sad too and thought that was such weirdly specific thing to point out that it’s boring lmfao

  11. Can't even defend your own awful take. Sad, really. I hope this post is removed.

  12. No because you haven’t been listening to any of the points I made and brought up other shit. You’re too emotional

  13. Emotional? You're the one gatekeeping teenagers my dude, absolutely unhinged.

  14. I don’t even listen to it? You would know that if you read the actual post. All I said is that I doubt that most people that say is use it as a way to make themselves look interesting. I’m talking about the people that say they absolutely love it. Like it’s in their top 3 genre when maybe they know a few pieces. Maybe I didn’t clarify that. That’s an L on my part. If you land on the demographic that wouldn’t listen to it. Then it’s fine. (Demographic being old white men and musicians themselves)

  15. You gotta be a 4th dimensional being or Tim Henson to play the intro to abc cleanly/ on time. That shit has be doing the craziest finger gymnastics.

  16. Is that a discover card? 🤮no thank you!

  17. I’ve been played for 6 years until I got a guitar teacher for my music program at my college. Though it was classical guitar focus a lot of the things transferred well into playing the electric guitar. My professors helped me with remove some bad playing habits. I’m planning to get a teacher to help me at the electric guitar. There’s still a lot of stuff I don’t know.

  18. I think the egg from the first movie was the best.

  19. I haven’t watched the first one ngl

  20. I think he mentioned it in the “making of playing god” video that he adds a little bit of bit crush to the “flexing” parts of the riffs. If that’s what you’re referring to

  21. Tbh I find the people that complain about people trying to be Tim henson more than the people trying to be Tim Henson. Like most of those people are like younger teens trying to find an identity. And you do that by copying what you like.

  22. I'm sure there's people that can play much better than him that can't write 1/10 as good as he can, but enjoy the flex? Maybe buy an 8 string funded by your incredible guitar covering skills.

  23. I usually fund my hobbies with the tears of my enemies

  24. Yeah you're definitely better than Tim lol, I can almost hear him quivering right now, thinking about you overtaking him.

  25. Yea, bro. Only thing is, I don't have near enough money rn. Plus, I just started guitar, cuz I was inspired by polyphia and Ichika Nito. I'm not too good yet.

  26. Yeah I understand homie. If you ever do get the chance you should get it during neural dsps birthday on April 9th or on Black Friday. All their plugins are 50 percent off. That’s how I got mine 🙏

  27. You should definitely invest in it tho if you can. The plugin has some awesome amp sims

  28. NLND was awesome when it came out. The consistency really showed that they found their sound. But I prefer RTYWD because it was a mix bag and the songs had completely different identities. I’m kinda happy we didn’t get a NLND 2.

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