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  1. House of Ashes crew, cause I reckon Salim would be a riot! I also think Eric could be the kind of guy who is always so serious, but then you get him a little wasted and suddenly he’s running around the room in nothing but a Santa hat!

  2. Unless they have some unannounced core features to showcase... or the release date... I don't really want more trailers.

  3. I agree! Some games I like to know as much as possible to check I will like it. Kingdom Come Deliverance for example.

  4. if you're looking for sketch, you might be better off looking into tacoma (south of seattle about 20ish miles and also a port city). most everything saftey related you may have heard about seattle are from people who are in town maybe twice a year, and there isnt really any truly dangerous places outside some very select areas at night.

  5. That could definitely work! The bodies could be found out of the city proper for sure! I will look into Tacoma more. Thank you for the help :)

  6. South Tacoma Way and Pacific Ave to about S. Pine St in's like skid row.

  7. Please, please, please tell me that your revamped downtown lots are on the gallery cause they are stunning!

  8. Thank you! And yep yep. My gallery id is coolpuppy12!

  9. {{Under the banner of Heaven}} by Jon Krakauer. An excellent TV show with Andrew Garfield was released few months ago too adapted from it.

  10. I can’t believe they’d just spoil it like that what were they think? Thanks for the heads up!

  11. Same here! I was just thinking “ooh I shall recreate this in the sims!” Then I saw the sub I was in.

  12. I do the same thing! I have had my privacy invaded many times as a kid. I had spyware on my laptop, cameras in the house, room always searched etc. so I never felt safe to write out anything genuine.

  13. I do this! I have two separate bullet journals. A master one and an organized one. In the master one, I write everything in each day, try different page ideas, etc. without having to worry about how terrible the pages look. At the end of each month, I transfer everything over the organized journal. That journal has everything neat and organized, beautiful spreads, stickers, washi tape, etc.

  14. Sounds more like a commonplace book dedicated to journaling. I would add ink swatches for sure.

  15. Yeah that’s a good point! I already have a commonplace book I’m working on, and would be using thing I put in this second book, as ideas for my other one and future journals going forward.

  16. Some of these are repeats of what others have said, but I will amplify their voices:

  17. These are all great! I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I really hope they are doing lots of research about what people want for the next game. There is so much they could do to make The Sims 5 really shine compared to older ones.

  18. I do, I can make a post cause I’m not sure how to add pictures to comments.

  19. Did you draw these freehand or do you have stencils or something? They look amazing! :)

  20. We're always gonna be short 1 as the Apocalypse will never be on console

  21. HGTV too apparently. They said in a statement a while back. Think it’s a licensing issue or something?

  22. He was really good in an episode or two of Hawaii 5-O too! I remember back when it came out I was shocked to see him cause my high school friend was obsessed with Jonas Brothers.

  23. Fun fact: Diapers can be purchased for female dogs on their menstrual period.

  24. They look so hilarious wearing them too! We used to do dogsitting and we had these two pigs that would come, and one was a girl and she showed up with a nappy on and I couldn’t stop laughing! :D

  25. I don’t know it is the same everywhere, but where I live, our universities would consider it a “mitigating circumstance” if you had a valid reason for being missing, and were not just bunking off or travelling or whatever.

  26. Haha I’m so tired my brain read this as “rage quilted”.

  27. Todd could send me an email saying, "It just works in Starfield" and I'd be happy. Might be just for a bit, but it's better than nothing (of course, it would be Todd emailing me lol).

  28. If Todd Howard emailed me, I’d have to print it out and frame it :D

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