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  • By - Boaba

  1. In the last season he legit becomes the world champion

  2. Somebody can't just come along and beat him out of the position 5 minutes later? Way to stray from the source material!

  3. Unfortunately the championship was a 1v1 elimination tournament so they gonna have to do it all over again if little Timmy with his 2 Rattata wants to be world champion

  4. I got one and it's not thick, it's a bit less thick than flip phones used to be and people could have them in their pockets no problem, unfolded it's practically the same size as a normal phone

  5. I would never put my phone in my back pocket, I broke my lg g4 sitting on the shitty school chairs before and since then I will never put one there again.

  6. We did this in our corporate location too, it's not just TPR's. Our new manager said it's okay to do it for accessories and insurance since "it will help them when the phone falls trust me they will thank us". Dude just wanted to pump up the numbers since he was trying to get on the new district managers good side

  7. If a manager is telling you to do that then have them put it in writing through email or workday. Then show it to their boss. That shit is ridiculous and gives the honest employees a bad name

  8. It was reported to HR but nothing came out of it, he just changed up his game and started finding something else to do. He even made us do the customer survey if we got it while helping the customer. The entire district did it over at Houston. The central high volume location where worse since most customers spoke Spanish there so they sent the emails in English so it was easier to confuse them

  9. Get lv10 gear on everything for a bonus, that require no money since you can farm the material in the weekly thingy and u can buy it weekly in the shop with the points from activities, it will boost you the highest

  10. The purple chest that use chips, also remember we are getting the 2.0 update and that add currency to get the red nuclei with the blue/purple chips for the chest

  11. He is doing 3 group attacks and a super, it ended horribly

  12. I think you answered the question yourself. He was AN octane main, not a good octane

  13. He hot dropped us and ran straight into 2 teams fighting, but instead of going behind them he went into the middle, octanes are just built different

  14. If he had 8.3% more the other person would have 8.3% less.... His math is right

  15. I'm not experiencing this at all. Although I'm not in the vtuber communities, I do find my viewers who are vtubers have very tight/close vtuber communities they are a part of, they have a strong sense of camaraderie.

  16. I've seen a couple of my VTuber friends get hate botted and follow botted, it's kinda disgusting in my opinion

  17. I dunno, I think it's a "New is bad" thing. Like, it's really just nifty tech used for digital puppetry.

  18. Yeah, i have been seeing a lot of VTuber get hate botted recently and i think it's because of that idea that they are new and aren't really themselves, kinda dumb

  19. Bro that is actually insane congrats for doing so well man I've seen that happen a couple times actually where a friend tries to help and but goes higher!! Keep it up!

  20. Yeah didn't really expect this, but i just started streaming and doing what worked for other people and it worked

  21. Streaming a a popular game when most of the major players aren't playing it or not many people stream it anymore, using TikTok, streaming at times where not many people stream to have less competition, getting a good overlay. I also saw a HUGE increase in interaction when I added triggerfry videos with points.

  22. Rosé is the god equivalent of SSJGSSJ, but without stamina restrictions and a power-up. It's a stomp.

  23. That was in the anime only to my knowledge, in the mango ssg was equal to Goku rose, Goku black also use normal ss

  24. Rosè pooped on SSGSS so I def think gohan black is dubbing

  25. That was anime only, in the mango ssg was beating the hell out of rose

  26. Isn’t that just marketing in general? It seems borderline impossible to market your stream in a non-obnoxious way.

  27. It is, these people don't understand how hard it is to be found on twitch. They say it's cringe but it's all marketing, people don't get found by just playing people get found by MARKETING themselves even with a simple TTV tag

  28. Why do we need to understand though? Its their problems, not mine. I checked a lot of TTV guys, and its 90% offline, 9% boring streamer that cant play but already have donation goal. Yeah, and some guy might actually be cool, I could click subscribe and never see him again.

  29. Yeah so the TTV worked, it make you click on them and watch them. That's the point of it. You would never normally click on their stream otherwise. People always thing of the Apex TTV but people use it for other games. Also people with TTV still like to play the game they play, the name doesn't disappear just because they aren't streaming. It's a good way to get noticed instead of hoping you get lucky with the algorithm or hope you get lucky with a raid. The TTV helped me go from 200 followers to 1.2k followers in just 6 months, it made a HUGE different in interaction on my stream

  30. Not for new players no, only for people who have the unit they want but for most new player and those who don't have the unit it would be pure hell.

  31. Can you tell me where it is? I’m assuming newest manga chapter

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