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  1. Yes, they were all their own beef and work

  2. There are at least 45 Richmonds in the US, Wisconsin alone has three towns named Richmond.

  3. Missing couple of cranks of black pepper for my taste, but otherwise one of my favorite bites of bbq right there.

  4. Alberta is in the prairies. Cattle country. Beef is top tier. Summers and sweet and the winters are brutal. Hit -34 c before the wind yesterday. Such a beautiful place to live. We really get it all here. East of the Rockies and west of the rest.

  5. Yup, I used to live in Montana and know Alberta well. (Great place in the summer.)

  6. Note, my advice will be based on you being a citizen of the US. If not, then you have a lot more flexibility.

  7. This is a great comment. I've lived abroad for a few years and been able to save.

  8. Yeah, that's what I meant. Once it settles, they'll probably be able to avoid any significant double taxation because of the Foreign Earned Income Exemption, especially if they are able to contribute to a pretax savings account to lower their income level.

  9. This picture in particulate doesn’t look too bad. I’ve seen a lot of funky foundations in the North East. (My favorite was the active stream through the middle of the foundation/basement.) My first thought was clean up (do I spy a leaf spring in the rubble?) patch and repair foundation. Jack and level upper floors is necessary. And definitely divert any exterior water run off from around foundation. This is the kind of thing I like to see. It will scare off some buyers.

  10. I wouldn't want to tackle it, but once you remove the rubble and debris, it might not be that bad.

  11. It almost looks like someone spent a lot of time breaking rock to expand the space in the cellar.

  12. I'll get mine pulled out as soon as I get the green light. (Not a sub-dermal port, the trifusion catheter that needs a dressing change every week.)

  13. na3800 hit the big point, the delta (difference)in the temps. Not to geek out too much but this is something that thermodynamics studies, and it is absolutely measurable. A whole lot easier to measure with water, but meat works. (For water put it on the burner in a pot, don't stir it and wait until you see little bubbles on the bottom. Measure the temps at different depths, and then let it sit for a while and it will stabilize at an intermediate temp.)

  14. Beach erosion. Change something up or down the beach, and it can cause the sand to erode.

  15. Or even at that spot. eg, if there was a stream or river that delivered sand to that area to create the beach, but it has been redirected. Now there's no new sand being delivered to the beach, and the existing sand is slowly washed away by wave action.

  16. Very true. My grandparents had a beach house in Florida many years back, and the dunes in front were awesome protection from hurricanes and storm surges. But a bottle or piece of garbage tossed into the dunes from someone on the beach and the wind would dig a hole around it in the sand surprisingly quickly. The blowing sand "sticks" to a dune, but it bounces off bottles, cans, rocks, etc.

  17. Neuropathy... Lots of info out there if you want to spend some time reading about it.

  18. Your bum will be very easy to wipe. Mine was!! Hated the no nose hairs. Needed nose drops to keep wet.

  19. I was based in HK, but spent a lot of time at our Dubai office and hired expats who worked there. We also had some friends who were teachers at one of big international schools in one of the other Emirates.

  20. You said the magic words when you mentioned you share a landlord. Make him deal with it, or install blackout blinds.

  21. If this were your primary residence, I'd say find a place that works and a mortgage that works, and ride it out if you plan to own the place for more than 7 or 8 years. The market will go up and down, and mortgage rates will go up and down, but time in the market beats timing the market. (To steal the quote from the stock market.)

  22. I have a home already, no plans to move. I'd want to buy it as a long term investment tool.

  23. Also UK here. These aren't common like this though most butchers will happily oblige. Butchery shops in the UK take great pride in their work.

  24. Yup, I always enjoy visiting actual butcher shops in Europe for that reason. (My work colleagues occasionally think it's strange, but oddly the butchers have always been cool with me just looking when I compliment them and tell them I can't get stuff like this back home.)

  25. Terry Black's is a solid choice. I haven't been to the Dallas branch, but I'd assume it's the same as Lockhart.

  26. Reddit and Discord. Bogleheads forum if I feel like being held to high standards or needing serious/niche advice.

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