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  1. A cow got loose around town. That was interesting.

  2. I’m Demisexual so I will bring there!! I’ll bring some cupcakes if that’s alright.

  3. This sounds like such fun!! I love a good get together. And a cat cafe is such a good idea, although I’m sure my Delphine will get jealous if I visit too often hahaha!!

  4. It should be a lot of fun! And you can always bring Delphine to the cat cafe if you think she'll get jealous. ;)

  5. Peanut oil would've blended better into the marinara actually but whatever works I guess

  6. Actually if I revise my story in the future, I’m going to make this revision and give you a shoutout.

  7. I actually did have a lucid dream where I knew I wasn't in my house and was so convinced it was a dream that I said, "I can jump out the window and I'll just float to the ground." Which I did because it was, in fact, a dream. But it did make this story a little extra chilling when I read it. Well-done.

  8. I feel exhausted. All my energy is gone. I sometimes take a nap. I often nap after work.

  9. And then they get mad if you dare to say the popcorn tastes stale.

  10. I think Mike is a well-crafted antihero. You can see how he became the person he is now. A lot of it is about survival. Also, when death is not necessarily permanent and there are so many versions of even oneself running around, it can be difficult to cope with death and murder as being a final, permanent act. He goes back and forth between "this is terrible" and "well, it can be undone, though," which is what I think would likely happen to someone in such a bizarre timefuck situation.

  11. That makes sense. It is still odd that they did not discover his body. If it were a hit and run in broad daylight in a residential area, it would have been very difficult to hide his body well enough that it was never found in such a short period of time.

  12. I’m not familiar with the area but if there are woods nearby maybe he was dumped there? Or in a body of water?

  13. Maybe. I would have to research more about the terrain near where he was found. They would still have had to have been quick about it, unless they came back later to do a more thorough job. But by then people might have been looking for him. The fact that his friend called looking for him only about an hour after he was last seen makes that scenario really tricky.

  14. Congratulations! A little girl did stop by and put flowers on my doorstep this morning. I hope you don't mind that I gave her a Babar the Elephant book. I loved Babar and Celeste as a child and I just got in a shipment and I always think the best gift to give a child is a book. It opens up a whole new world of imagination!

  15. that was you? Thank you for giving my daughter the book, she loves to be read stories plus Babar The Elephant is a pretty good book, she loved the book! so again, thank you!

  16. I am so glad to hear you are okay! I was concerned something had happened to you when you didn't show up to pick up those Sam Spade detective novels I set aside for you last night!

  17. I did get one but I honestly just thought it was one of the books I ordered a long time back. With some of the more obscure books, it can take months to receive the package and sometimes the packages are quite odd. But if other people have been getting them, then I'm guessing that's not what it is. I have mine sitting under my desk and had planned to open it later on with some other shipments I received. Should I wait? Should I call the cops? You don't think these could be dangerous or sensitive information, do you?

  18. All that potential just wasted. And after overcoming all that stuff with his heart, and achieving what he did in his short life, just to be senselessly mown down.

  19. Yeah, I think about that a lot, how these kids killed so young lose their futures, all they might have done and become.

  20. Why people care so much about other people liking things they don't like/dressing differently/ having different beliefs. If you aren't hurting anyone, who cares? Why do so many people give a shit about how others live their lives? I am genuinely confused about this.

  21. Besides Samantha, who definitely won’t be coming back, I’d say Kat. Her storyline was so under-explored, and she had two or three scenes that actually gave her any chance to act. Unless the behind-the-scenes drama is resolved, I doubt her storyline will progress. However, what I think would be SUPER interesting is if Sam used flashbacks in s3 to explore HOW she got to the point of gaslighting Ethan and becoming obsolete as a character. Perhaps she was dealing with trauma, shame, guilt, not feeling good enough. It would be a great idea to explore the subtle trauma of Kat being taken advantage of in her pursuit of acceptance from men and exploring her own sexuality, convincing herself that she wasn’t taken advantage of but (perhaps because she instigated, perhaps because she said yes), how pushing it down led to her becoming withdrawn and pushing people away - which is why she wasn’t shown in season 2 (essentially a cover up for the bts drama). This of course would be cut in from the present, where she deals with depression and finally is able to accept the past, make amends, and grow as a character. It would be amazing to see her grow as a character, as well as addressing the impact of negative sexual impacts on minors. Idk just a thought.

  22. It sounds like she complained about her character's direction and Levinson got pissed and cut most of her lines. So yeah, unfortunately it sounds like an interesting character is being reduced or even just slowly phased out because of the tension.

  23. Lauren wrote a 4 to 5 page will sometime in between Christmas '98 and April 20th where she says that it usually takes a big trauma to make people get in touch with their spiritual sides. Kyle's mother said upon seeing him leave for school that day, she felt she would never see him again. A few weeks before he died, John randomly mentioned to his mom that he wanted to be buried back in Wisconsin, which is where he was buried. Isaiah asked his dad what he would do if someone shot him (Isaiah). He asked if he (Isaiah's dad) would kill them and his dad responded with something like "No, you can't fight hate with hate". Daniel M had a conversation with his dad about loop holes in the Brady background check bill. These loop holes led to the purchase of the gun that would kill him. John Tomlin also stayed up late on the phone with his girlfriend on April 19th. He said that if something ever happens to him that she shouldn't worry because she will always have God. So much weird stuff likes that. Makes me think there's something more here that we can't see.

  24. I tend to think that after something like this happens, everything gets recast as "signs." It's called apophenia - seeing connections that may not have validity in light of context.

  25. Did u learn what apophenia was from Stranger Things? Because I did. 😂😂

  26. I actually learned it from a podcast I binged awhile back, Tanis, but I am currently working my way through Stranger Things!

  27. Diagnosed with both autism and ADHD-C at 46. I still clearly remember being forced to stay after school every single day in second grade because I needed to work on my unfinished work folder. Most of you are probably young enough to have been spared the horror that was the open classroom, but it was the worst thing for any kid with executive dysfunction. The teachers didn’t teach. They just expected you to follow through completing a lists of tasks at stations throughout the day. It was horrible. Despite being academically advanced, I had the thickest folder in the class. The teacher’s solution was making me stay after school.

  28. It must be a relief to know you will never have to worry about running into him, having him contact you, etc. ever again.

  29. It gives people their lives back. These guys can go in public now without having people recoil and treat them like monsters.

  30. I was actually thinking of doing this - creating a character who basically gets my personality and traits but fictionalizing them. I think this is a great way to get better authentic ND characters into literature.

  31. This is an excellent original idea! Great story.

  32. It’s a horror story, not a joke. It’s intended to be horrifying, not humorous.

  33. Sorry, meant to reply to the other comment on here not the regular post.

  34. If you do the book series, I’ll give you a display in the bookstore and the opportunity to give a book talk!

  35. This is a great idea for someone who goes nonverbal!

  36. Nice! I love the idea of all the drama in Snow White starting because the mirror got bored.

  37. Yep! She’s a sweet thing but already showing her rebellious streak I see. We gotta make it up to you for letting us know, want to stop by for dinner tonight? Baby Blue misses you!

  38. Thank you! I’ll be by for dinner - that sounds lovely! Definitely hurry - Stephen is losing his temper.

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