1. Well everyone in the land of light except Mebius, Hikari, 80, The 6 brothers, mother and father of ultras and MAX when down to one hit.

  2. I mean, Australia is just Monster Island and after all.

  3. It’s a shame that such a beautiful, heart-warming OP was wasted on such a bland show

  4. In Ultimate Cartoon he was a mixture of both 616 and 1610 Goblin and I Kinda liked it

  5. I mean I for one was never a fan of thinking different spideys would fight but both have their feats. I guess we will see who would win in a fight judging by their appearance in across the spider verse

  6. Ultimate was also spotted in the latest poster too. I for one grew up with ultimate and can’t wait to see him again.

  7. Pretty sure it’s not a Marvel property and they’re just licensing it.

  8. Correct, just like japanese spiderman. They just licence it and marvel doesn't own it

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