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Indian metal goes hard

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one year sober tomorrow

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  1. Is there a state/province to narrow down the search?

  2. I hope this video made it to the judge and that he gave him leniency

  3. I don’t see anything about not catching the snail and putting it in a glass ball…

  4. True Sungolds are hybrids and aren’t “true to seed” so to say. The seeds wont actually give you sungold plants next year. I suggest finding some heirloom varieties you enjoy if you plan to save seed.

  5. I have more seeds in the package that I got these plants out of, is what I meant. There’s only one variety of tomato in my garden that I’m saving seeds from, and I don’t expect to get the same fruit next year.

  6. Gotchya, just making sure you’re aware. Nice name by the way, I’m an eagles fan haha.

  7. Lol, thanks! I love the eagles, but I’m also a practicing witch, lol

  8. I kinda figured from watching it. It looks like he's all good, just scared there like "I guess this is life now." Luckily he had that harness on, you could tell he wasn't in distress because he wasn't choking, thank God (or in my case, thank The Great Atheismo).

  9. Ngl, the “I guess this is my life now” posture of the dog, coupled with the ridiculousness of the elevator doors trying to close, and only succeeding in a slight puppy squish, made me giggle. I’m glad the pup was on a harness, and I hope he made it home safely at some point

  10. I love it when the other person/people get into the song, too. He’s hysterical

  11. Didn’t he also bless us with a rendition of Miley Cyrus’s “wrecking ball?”

  12. They’re Dogo Argentinos, completely unrelated breed, they have more in common with a Bullmastiff than a pit bull

  13. They’re Dogo Argentinos, completely unrelated breed, they have more in common with a Bullmastiff than a pit bull

  14. Looks kind of like a yellow-collared scape moth, but none of the ones I've seen have had antennae that long.

  15. The length of the antennae and the feathering on them indicates that it’s a male. The longer, feathery antennae allow them to detect female pheromones easier and locate the females with more accuracy

  16. I agree about washing hands as well, but you still have to be curious about how well did they wash them, and are they touching their face or other stuff after they did. If you watch them sculpt with modeling chocolate with their hands or kneading the fondant, you have to wonder if a pair of gloves will get cleaner then their hands. I'm not saying putting on one pair of gloves for the whole day either, but a pair for the project they are working on at the time. This isn't just in cake boss either. This is all cooking shows to me. I see them prepare a dish with their bare hands and then serve it to a judge. I'm not sure if it's the pandemic that has made me notice it more, but it's hard for me to eat out because I'm not sure how sanitary the person who is making it handling my food is.

  17. I’m not sure about where cake boss is, but in Virginia you’re supposed to wash your hands before putting on gloves, and switch your gloves any time you go from one task to another (ex kneading chocolate then going to mix fondant, change gloves before starting on the fondant).

  18. You may be allergic to the microbiome of your vagina. I’d try probiotic suppositories for a couple of months, see if that changes anything.

  19. Not really. I know people who’ve had allergic reactions to bacterial infections, as well as people who’ve had allergic reactions to viruses (my brother is allergic to the chickenpox virus). If there’s a bacteria species in her vaginal biome that she’s allergic to, introducing other bacteria that are typically found in vaginal biomes could have a curative effect on her. Or, on the other side, it could worsen the allergic reaction to the point that she can confirm an allergy to vaginal flora. It’s the first step that an OBGYN would suggest, the next step would likely be to wipe out her biome and introduce probiotics to repopulate her biome and see how she’d respond. I had to undergo similar treatment when I had a yeast infection that lasted more than 7 months following surgery on my uterus and ovaries

  20. It’s not the white that defines a calico, it’s the presence of both black and orange in the coat that defines one. Your baby is definitely a calico, based on the lack of stripes in either the black or orange, with the white present, I’d consider her a tricolor calico, which is the more well known calico coat pattern. If she has tabby markings and no white she’d be a tortoiseshell calico, if she has tabby markings and white spots she’d be a tortico, torbie or a brindle calico, depending on who you’re talking to.

  21. Looks like wolf spiders. They’re friends, they eat pest insects and other spiders. Best to rehome outdoors if possible

  22. They are. If these guys aren’t hairy, they’re likely parsons spiders. Same deal as wolf spiders, though.

  23. Found this near my sink in an apartment I’m moving out of in northern WV, we’ve had a history of roaches (last sprayed for in January) and just want to make sure I’m not bringing roaches to the new place

  24. 14 days clean off of H here struggling bad. Wish I can make a year.

  25. Those first 30 days suck, but it gets easier the longer you don’t pick up. I remember having 8 days off meth and not thinking I’d make it. Today I have 2 years 2 months and 2 days clean. If I can do it, so can you. Surround yourself with people who will support you in your sobriety, even if they’re just names on a computer screen. There is no such thing as too much support. If you ever need to talk to someone, my inbox is open, and I’m happy to talk.

  26. Have your BF stick his fingers up there and see if he can find it.

  27. Pour a capful of vegetable oil in a puddle or other body of water with these. It coats the surface and stops the larva from breaching the surface. Helps with mosquito population control and its not harmful to the environment.

  28. Either a brown longhorn beetle or a velvet longhorn beetle, from the looks of it

  29. She made a nest under the planter, if you can, put it back, very gently, and wait for the babies to hatch before moving it again. Incubation period is around 11 weeks, so they’ll hatch around mid September

  30. Any concerns with seeing many of them? I've got a bunch around my shed door and lately the local any colony seems to be duking it out with them or something.

  31. Earwigs are good for gardens, if you have one, they eat aphids

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