1. You know how well miHoYo has done on recent 4 stars when there is almost universal mass disappointment among us because we know her kit is likely going to be garbage.

  2. It is miserable to play against because of how slow their turns are (a big reason being the unreasonably slow animations). If it wasn't for that, I would have zero issues playing against the deck as it has a neat concept.

  3. Funny thing is that Chelsea fans in their sub think the previous lower offer was fair because of the wages. I get they are a factor, but it is still a joke.

  4. The natural instinct of house cats...to get all available clothes hairy by sleeping on them lol. I am a cat person and this is just the way it is.

  5. Imagine telling a Steelers fan the day before the Minkah trade that our secondary was about to become elite overnight. They'd think you lost your mind.

  6. It was literally night and day from the very next game after the trade. One player (amazing player mind you) fixed so many issues.

  7. i have this feeling that austin is gonna be a stud, i dunno why

  8. Because outside of his small size, his tape shows he is a baller. I think his speed can help him there. If he was taller/bigger, he would likely have gone much higher honestly. I think he is going to be one of the best late round gems of the class.

  9. That loss was fucking painful. Changes need to be made in the offseason. Can't lose 3 elimination games in a row after having the lead.

  10. Whole series felt like it changed after the Crosby injury. I know he game back for game 7, but it felt like the team lost its mojo and gave the Rangers continuously building confidence.

  11. Its what I tell my friend (who plays casually) all the time. If you don't care about winning for ranking up or are just working on dailies, just leave as it isn't worth them wasting your time.

  12. You don't get progress towards your dailies if you leave though.

  13. For sure, leaving doesn't give you progress. But depending on the matchup and your dailies, you might just not get any progress towards them anyways as the opponent could keep negating what you are trying to do that gives you progress. It depends entirely on the opponent's deck and the board state of course.

  14. I requested for more deck slot. It's kind of dumb when Duel Links with limited card pool can have more deck slot than Master Duel which has 4x more cards than Duel Links.

  15. More deck slots are a must. I hit the cap with what I am currently using and deck concepts I have saved that I want to build extremely quickly.

  16. Think that'd be a cool addition, even if they do it so they do common hard to break boards with some of the more accessible solutions.

  17. Tag duels, while unlikely, would be my dream even if it was just a mode for duel room.

  18. I’m really excited for him, I jus get the vibe from him he’s gonna be fun to watch even without the ball in his hands

  19. Especially with his aggressive blocking in his film. He does not shy away from it that is for sure. Should be a treat to watch hopefully.

  20. Even worse are the slow drivers that randomly hit their brakes while in front of you when they are already going 10 under. They typically aren't even trying to brake check you nor are they braking because something is actually in front of them. They are just randomly doing it.

  21. Me when my opponent actually reads my pendulum cards (so many people don't)

  22. Am I stupid to be really optimistic for next year? I initially thought we’d kind of suck but this offseason has me pretty pumped.

  23. I think we are still a year or two out from being Super Bowl competitors (I think we need one more draft of O-line/defensive help). However, I can see a playoff spot as a good possibility.

  24. All credit to user Steel34D over on the BehindtheSteelCurtain website (

  25. Ran a 4.4 and i saw one analyst say something about him not being a burner. Damn, 4.4 ain't good enough anymore 😅

  26. If you aren't running sub 4.0 you ain't good enough kid /s

  27. Nice, just got a chaotic version to drop last night too. Can't wait to try it.

  28. Yeah, this version is atrocious. My friend and I were looking forward to cooping it as it was our favorite event to do together the last time it came around. And we can't even coop. This version isn't fun at all and I hope players make that known in the survey review for it (unless you like this one of course, then you do you).

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