1. I just assumed it was because they're not christians, and many of them probably aren't white.

  2. I wasn't sure about the specifics, just that there's a huge history there that gets ignored when people take a eurocentric focus on slavery.

  3. You are 100% correct regarding the Eurocentric part. Mostly because we have a history of self hating progressives that push their narrative. I occasionally get to work in Dubai, UAE, Saudi, etc and the slave trade is still going strong. Please note, whenever various cultures have issues, they look to the caucasian to solve, support, and or, finance the fix to their inept cultural problems. No POC is clamoring to move to any non-caucasian country in droves. None. We are the world's nanny. Fact.

  4. I'm aware. it's one of the many reasons on an ever growing list of why phoenix is a hellscape that I cannot wait to put behind me. thanks for breaking it down for me though, you seem like a lot of fun.

  5. Lol fantastic conversation..!! Gave me a giggle. The mushrooms look like Conocybe Apala assuming the stems are extremely fragile.

  6. Well i have fender hot noiseless pickups and was thinking of wiring them in series for more output. Do you think it would be close ?

  7. You'll get the humbucking affect but in comparison to an actual bridge humbucker, it'll have a darker tone and doesn't saturate as good as a humbucker. Like a fattened up single coil really. Or like a humbucker in the middle position. Not sure it's going to have the affect you're looking for.

  8. Ran into that vid couple years ago under rough lsd trip, interesting experience

  9. I ran into the movie Schindlers List years ago while having a rough trip. Needless to say, it didn't help.

  10. Back in the 90s Roman was selling straight up fakes - counterfeit guitars he pieced together out of odds and ends -and slapping the logos of other companies and builders on them before selling them as the real thing.

  11. Back in the 90's I've never known him to not disclose the guitar. There were two sections to his shop and they were well advertised as a mod section and the original section.

  12. A good percentage of his 'originals' were fakes. You should read through his BBB complaints and the legal filings from all his lawsuits. It's like a how-to manual for shady asshats. Roman was a character. 🤣

  13. I frequented the shop and worked there for a short period. Unless they were doing stuff behind our backs but I doubt it.... For instance, he'd get these beat up Les Pauls in at a discount and completely redo their tops and finishes. That guitar would go on the mod floor. Now if a customer came in and purchased it and tried selling it as a Gibson Custom, that's on them. I've never known Ed to purposely rip people off. He believed he built Gibsons better than Gibson and at a cheaper price. And I believe Gibson took issue with it and started a lot of what many believe today. Exactly as Gibson is doing today with their play authentic nonsense. And using the BBB as a weapon.

  14. He's still trying to get away....I give it an A for effort. Little guys got heart.

  15. So to hell with those in a coma? Or the unaware affected by alzheimers? Or born in Mexico?

  16. It's going to rub off naturally with play. There's really no way around it. And wiping them down with a cleaner, only further removes layers. Some faster than other. Good luck!!

  17. Ugh...and the woketards begged each step of the way to be told what to do.

  18. For every hundred you put in a wet paper towel, you will get a few to germinate.

  19. Loving your children and wanting to give them the best possible care? What is that?

  20. A full time job that causes mental anguish to the weak minded among us?

  21. Sir I would make an amogus joke if this wasn’t a serious matter but then again I dared to see

  22. My other two LPs are a 2007 Studio and a 2015 Classic with everyone's favorite zero fret/robo tuner combo. Neither have nitro over the nut so new to me! :)

  23. Lol just messing! How do you like the wider fretboard on your 2015 vs the regular width?

  24. No. Only witches have it growing in their wardrobes.

  25. People are less likely to notice when they make small incremental changes, one big giant push is likely to be met with the highest level of resistance. Pushing the goal post a few inches at a time over the years will make it seem like they weren’t doing anything

  26. You are aware he is referring to the republican primary election, right? I don’t think a democrat can win when they aren’t in the running.

  27. Yes but I still stand by my statement because that's their typical tactic. It's well known

  28. Spores can be seen with the naked eye, but only under certain circumstances. But spores will never look like rice LOL, I pray for some.

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