1. It's gets pretty chilly at night-time

  2. The weather is kinda sunny during the day, and a bit cold during the night. Also always have a jacket with you cause the weather is quite unpredictable and it can get windy

  3. I would save some money and pay someone. You can look up people covering songs on Instagram on sending them a dem. But please don’t ask for free work and offer exposure, that’s just disrespectful. That’s only beneficial to them when you got far more followers than them

  4. Or Fiverr, can get good singers for like 50€ Or do remixes of existing songs and get an acapella

  5. muay thai would be good because you could use your judo techniques in the thai clinch

  6. its definitly capoeira not even close

  7. https://makingmusic.ableton.com/catalog-of-attributes

  8. podcast starten und Leute einladen die über deine Interessen sprechen.

  9. Make a remix so damn good and popular that the original artist hasnt a choice but to allow it

  10. Just an IPad maybe 🤔 could work

  11. Hey 👋🏻 I don’t now about any free and open source collaboration tools, but I do know one software which is highly customizable. You may already know it: Notion. I use it for my personal life and it’s a powerhouse. It can be a spreadsheet, a task management software, networking-database or whatever else you might want. The internet is full of free templates for notion so you probably don’t have to build a template from scratch. The downside is, that for team purposes it costs a monthly fee, for personal use it’s for free. For myself I’ve “programmed” myself a cook book where you can type in how many portions of the dish u wanna cook and it tells me how much of the ingredients I need, how much everything will cost and the nutritions. In this example you can see the possibilities are endless. But for sure you can use it just like trello or other management software.

  12. I do already know of these lowcode solutions and have tried a few but not really come to the point where I was satisfied. Thought of coding something some time in the future but this was a good solution to ask for something.

  13. Is your use really that specific that you need a tailored software to fit your needs or is it more that you want a tool for everybody to use?

  14. Is your use really that specific that you need a tailored software to fit your needs or is it more that you want a tool for everybody to use?

  15. Absolutely! Starting out I despised every genre that hadn’t the typical 4 to the floor kick drum pattern. Deep House was my favorite thing. A few years later and I mostly listen to reggaeton, afrobeats, dancehall. I don’t even like house anymore

  16. I'm also interested in chatting with other people hosting events, maybe not enough people for a full sub but a group chat could be an idea?

  17. Bit weird if you ask me. The more people come in the more they take at the bar.

  18. We wouldn’t pay anything to rent the venue, apart from the 30% cut. But we also wouldn’t see a dime from the bar. So it doesn’t seem really fair to me. What did you suggest in the last sentence? I didn’t quite understand it 😅

  19. Good to know! This particular club keeps everything of the bar. In the end we decided to host our party at a different venue. The tickets are our only revenue stream and our profit margin isn’t high, so it wouldn’t even be possible. How would you push back on this? Because if we don’t do our party someone else will 🫠

  20. He played so egotistical, took three shots when passing was the better option. Also fucked up the goal for mokoko in the end

  21. Tití me pregunto Nothing comes even close. It’s always the highlight of the night. Never have I’ve seen some many girls twerking at the same time

  22. Guys just imagine JBG and Knauff on the wings next season

  23. Really surprised by modests link up play. He was framed like a player that only would be in the box for the last pass, but i noticed numerous occasions where he received a ball with the back to the goal and passed it on well to a teammate

  24. Go to the venue in person. Meet the people that run the events, give them a USB with a mixtape on it. After that, attend events, and show your support. Make sure you make yourself known when you do, even just say hello. Continuing to show support goes a long way. A message on its own has never been, and will never be enough. Just remember, like anything in life, it's a marathon, not a sprint. These things take time, and if you don't get on the bill straight away, just keep at it, and keep improving.

  25. Good tip all in all but usbs are way outdated. The most laptops today ain’t even got space to plug them in. I think all of which you said applies well, but maybe use a printed card with a qr code which links to your mix on YouTube. The owner can just do this with his phone on the go.

  26. What kind of laptop are you using? USBs are definitely not outdated, DJs have to play their sets with USBs, only makes sense

  27. Yeah people who work with it use usb or have adapters, but normal consumers or venue owners don’t use usb sticks in their daily life. If you weren’t a DJ, would you use a usb stick to listen to music or to watch a movie?

  28. I think you have to differentiate between two kinds of merch. The first are things on which you paste your logo, like lighters, foldable fans and umbrellas etc. People will buy them or even just want them as a gift, because they come in handy. The second kind a things like, hoodies, vinyls, posters, these are things which need a connection to the artist otherwise you won’t buy it. I think the first Kind is usable for almost any DJ, for the second one you need a decent and engaged following

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