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  1. Edinburgh council… we want people to stop driving into the city for work, but if you work 12 hour shifts you’re not using our destination chargers. I emailed them to ask about increasing the time limit but got no response.

  2. Yep, I work 12 hour shifts and had thought of using the new banks of chargers at Hermiston and using my bike to get to work in the Gyle. No can do.

  3. Yep, I work in Gorgie and that’s what I was going to do. Also if I’m night shift, I can’t use the P&R for all of my shifts because they have a rule about vehicles being parked there for over 3 nights and no one could clarify that I wouldn’t get fined even if my car had moved spaces and not been there the whole time. They just seem to half arse everything.

  4. I can tell you, it isn’t Penicuik, Loanhead or Dalkeith, or nearly anywhere in Midlothian

  5. But we have many takeaways in Penicuik! In fact, come to think of it… it’s about all we have

  6. That bastard with the rocket launcher gets me every time…

  7. I just got a Piano Black Studio and I love it. What ink are you using?

  8. I just have Waterman black in mine. Got Iroshizuku Asa-gao in my 2k. I’ve not tried any permanent inks yet, scared I’ll end up forgetting about it and ruin a pen haha.

  9. So if I have looked at this right, the stop line is in line with the traffic lights and the turn is after the lights so you must wait until the filter comes on before proceeding.

  10. I keep a bunch of Uniball eyes in my locker at work, absolutely love those if I can’t use my fountain pen.

  11. And the two tone gold nib too, someone likes to flash the cash

  12. I doubt it, the artificial noise in EVs is louder than a lot of modern engines.

  13. I can't think of a single EV that doesn't illuminate the brake lights when decelerating via one-pedal driving regenerative braking.

  14. My e-Golf does but my wife’s e-208 does not. I rarely use B mode in my wife’s car because it forces me to use the brake pedal to slow down which does then illuminate the brake lights.

  15. The show is excellent though different group of vampires, just as hilarious.

  16. Wellington Paranormal is excellent. I actually started watching that first and thought it would be great if they would do a crossover with WWDITS series. Then I watched the film and my mind was blown!

  17. Just got the same pen last week and I love it. It’s great to carry with me every day and looks amazing

  18. Gave the underneath of my car a wee clean as I drove past, the council don’t get a lot right, but I appreciated that.

  19. Only problem is, we’ve got to install those microwave ovens

  20. I started taking a baseball bat in my back seat, just in case I stumble into those fuckers.

  21. Just make sure you have a baseball and glove too so you have a good excuse to have it in the car!

  22. Look, just because you can last that long doesn't mean you need to rub it in.

  23. Congratulations on becoming a doctor 👍

  24. The one on the right is the Antec P180, first case to have a PSU basement! One of the god fathers of cases. whole thing is soundproofed and the front is a door that opens up to reveal a ton of bays and airflow. Also comes with HDD mounting better than literally any other case I've seen. I use one as my nas.

  25. Only recently threw mine out, was a great case except for the front door hinge which broke easily.

  26. No, had it for ages, it was up in the loft for years and I always meant to build something else in it. But I ended up moving house and decided to part with it. It was a great case but I don’t think I was ever going to actually use it again.

  27. How did you get just sections of the C lights to light up?

  28. LEDs flicker with a frequency that humans can’t see. But sometimes on photos or videos with specific frame rates or shutter speeds, it can look like some of the LEDs are off. If he took another photo, some other LEDs on the car would look off.

  29. Ah of course they do! I’m a dummy. Just thought it looked cool haha.

  30. Have you hard wired anything into the fuse box? I managed to wire my dashcam into the fuse that deals with the power brakes and as a result had no power assistance when using the friction brakes.

  31. But you still could not extract any more performance from it.

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