1. It's like Will Smith, except everybody's lining up for the comedian & Shanya is the wife.

  2. People on this subreddit are weird they don’t like Shaq and Tanya but they’re the same individuals watching their every move 💀💀

  3. This is the reason why I barely come on here after a season has finished. Most users who are active in the sub post season are either very strongly stan an islander or very strongly hate them. For me both behaviours are a bit much and it feels like there’s no lighthearted discussions in the sub because of it.

  4. Because that’s the only support he has left: the diehard fans. Everyone knows by now what kind of person he is so he tries to keep his fans close.

  5. What a heartbreaking story. This little girl deserves the world. I wish she gets all the help she needs and strength to her family.

  6. Yes she's missing the 220 pound 6 and a half foot tall pos next to her

  7. You posted this so other people could nitpick and speculate on her face and body with you

  8. I posted it simply because I wasn’t sure what was different about Paige, there’s no malicious intent behind it. If you see any comments breaking the rules, please report it to the mods and they’ll take care of it

  9. This subreddit is such a flop now. These mods are so power hungry and overzealous and have taken the fun/discussion out of everything.

  10. What makes you think they’re power hungry? Genuinely asking. I only see comments or posts removed if someone breaks any of the rules and that’s actually a good thing, everything shouldn’t be allowed on here. Imagine if this sub wasn’t moderated 😳

  11. Some of you need to get a grip and a reality check...NONE OF THESE PEOPLE KNOW YOU!!!

  12. I’ll get heat for this opinion but some people have mentioned on this thread that all these comments judging the islander’s fans are kind of pointless and I agree. It feels like everyone is trying very hard to prove their opinions to be right and it’s exhausting.

  13. One of my eye is so swollen that I can’t open it. I try to do things that I like to get my mind off of it and even tho this season was a bit weird lol but tuning in yesterday night and reading comments on this sub have really helped. I’m ready to say goodbye to S9 but weirdly I’ll still miss it. ❣️ I’ve said it a million times already but this sub really is one of my favourites and it has the best mods 🥹 awww I think the medications are making me a little emotional

  14. I didn’t know the auction was live up until today. When I clicked on the ”Bid Now” button, the only thing I found was Tanya’s size XXS trousers which is waaaay too small for my 🍑 lmao 😭 It’s nice that all the money goes to charity tho. ❣️ Did any of you buy anything from there this year or last year?

  15. We gonna get the trumpet added to the band 😭

  16. This episode sounds kind of… boring? I’m over the Samie-Ron drama and the breakfast for Lana doesn’t seem genuine to me either like we know it’s not coming from the heart.

  17. Lana looks like a rich woman on holiday in this outfit lol she’s gorgeous ❣️

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