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  1. Following because I’ve got a hat that dates back to 1953 and I’d LOVE to see if we can get a hair off of it to test.

  2. Mark Cuban's pharmacy isn't really targeting this that much. He opened a mail service pharmacy focused on generics. About 70% of Americans that have access to a mail service pharmacy do not utilize it. It's shockingly difficult to get the American populace on to savings plans. Also Costco, Walmart have moved into the pharmacy space from a retail perspective and are treating it as a loss leader with thier generic program. His pharmacy is good for those that have no access to mail service through a health plan. Doesn't help with the doctor costs though to get that script in the first place. His business model isn't actually as disruptive to the industry as it seems.

  3. No to Kaiser and you were missing the point. We’d love 100% utilization of our mail service. People would save money and we’d still make a profit. More profit then we currently do. 70% of people are told they can save money and think nope not for me. We call them, we message them, we letter them. And we get complaints we call to much, waste texts, or please stop sending me notifications. And the ever constant we send them to many letters and are wasting paper. Now I agree with the paper to some extent, we are mandated to send certain types of information. Information once you’ve been on a drug isn’t likely to change and if it does we would notify you. But the savings people just ignore it.

  4. Ok this isn’t the point but just fyi. You all are missing one of the biggest reasons people (me) don’t use mail order.

  5. I do just as well with electronic and I do best if I print it. I like that I can edit the list and it doesn’t look messy. The act of adding or deleting items and organizing them into groups is very satisfying for me. However I like writing it down so sometimes I use my iPad and Apple Pencil.

  6. It's crazy, right? But there are like 50+ Vietnamese restaurants in Albuquerque.

  7. New Mexico is one of the most diverse places in the country I think. I loved the diversity I saw in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. I’m not just talking about foreign language speakers either. Diversity of culture, ethnicity, heritage, wealth, socioeconomic status. It’s kind of awesome.

  8. Most crochet circa the 1980s. Tissue boxes. Those weird figurines with crocheted bodies with dresses. Anything tacky cute.

  9. I’m a little shocked here that everyone is talking about Danish Crunch Bread but no one is talking about sourdough.

  10. To be honest I know alot of engineers who buy nice cars but live in shit apartments here in California. Housing prices here are insane and people that can afford a nice car couldn’t afford still can’t qualify for a mortgage so you get situations like that

  11. THIS. My CA rent is nearly $3k for a two bedroom apartment in a 70 year old building. I have neighbors who make $70k or less and I have neighbors who make $150k.

  12. You should keep that. Put it in a plastic baggy in case anyone comes looking for evidence.

  13. No. Do NOT put it in a plastic bag. It needs to be taken to the police NOW. It’s evidence and putting it in a plastic bag could actually cause it to degrade more rapidly. OP, I hope your next update is how you had the courage to step up and report the possible harassment or even abuse of a minor. What’s the worst case scenario? You can report it anonymously. I’m sure there are many people in that building who could have found that note. Just turn it in anonymously now and walk away feeling good that you stood up for a teenage girl who shouldn’t be forced to face this kind of harassment so early in her life.

  14. What 🤔 Don't police put literally everything in plastic evidence bags

  15. No. They use paper bags. If there is any moisture on the item or in the air (humidity) the plastic bag increase the odds of deterioration and mold. The paper bag allows it it have airflow and doesn’t trap moisture.

  16. Nice, that's good! Using stories you can follow along with is a great way to learn. Make sure that if he's using subtitles, they're also in Spanish.

  17. Shouldn’t the subtitles be in English right now so he can identify the Spanish words?

  18. Why doesn’t this have a warning. For some people this could be very triggering to see.

  19. Dog. Get a dog. Motion sensor lights and cameras. I would not feel comfortable. I love Santa Fe but the crime is over the top.

  20. What are your thoughts on the coatings? Which do you think are worth it?

  21. Mixed feelings. 100% get an anti reflective coating every time.

  22. I also just saw your edit - I had the same thoughts as you re: couples. When we did a final interview for one spot, one landlord explained it to me as “I have to make sure you guys won’t break up.” It sounds like they got burned a few times trying to deal with subletter situations and lease breaks due to the couple falling out.

  23. This makes so much sense because it happens so often.

  24. Facebook might actually help here. I hate Facebook but in this instance it can be super helpful. I don’t know if they have it in SF but our local buy nothing group is lively and friendly. The other good spot is the local community / neighborhood pages.

  25. I hate when companies force you to display yourself online. We deserve privacy. At my job I will not put myself on the website. Even my outgoing signature only has my first name.

  26. It seems like that’s a recurring theme among grandiose castles and mansions.

  27. And all of the trees that went to build your house? Or the new housing development down the block? Do you use paper or toilet paper? Where do they fall on the continuum?

  28. We have meetings in a log cabin with logs that large. Except it was built 100 years ago.

  29. Except it didn’t happen the way it was posted here.

  30. The chances of anyone being attacked by a bear is very low. At least if you don't work in a Zoo or as an animal trainer. By this logic, no one should carry bear spray.

  31. I never said it was a bad idea to have bear spray on hand but it’s also not a good idea.

  32. There is a big difference between seeing a black bear on a trail, or going through a dumpster and waking up with one inside a 3 sided cabin like OP had happen.

  33. Did you not get the part where I said it’s not a bad idea? I just also said its not a great idea. And I can assure you in a three sided structure which I assume has some sort of roof, that bear spray is going to hurt you more than the bear. All while a few yells and banging around would send it scampering out.

  34. My SE worked fine for the entire time it had 15.4 and only started failing recently now that I'm on 15.5. I doubt it's OS related and it's more likely an NFC issue. Like you I had to start using an older phone until I get around to getting a new phone that's not Apple.

  35. The coincidence of the instant failure following update is concerning. However even if it’s coincidental is WRONG. Apple is destroying my trust in the brand. My phone failed long before it was two years old. It’s now marketed as a medical device and people are depending on it. But it’s held to no standard. Going to the store is only an exercise in up sell a new phone. They DGAF about the failed device.

  36. Yes. They are here. Obviously Prince Harry. But the man who would have been Czar just passed in California this year. There are more here than you think. Some came as the monarchies fell. Some came to escape their lives. Some came for adventure. Some came during WWI and WWII. Some were totally totally broke and others are very affluent.

  37. Food. If he’s selling convenience items like drinks and food he can make a lot of money. I was once told that most gas stations break even on gas. The food, etc is where they make their money.

  38. I’m not religious but I have the greatest respect for the Sikh community. ❤️

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