1. For some reason when I type "Jax" in the comment box and press post, it doesn't show up for anyone else but me, same thing happened with last weeks post.

  2. For some reason my "Jax" comment won't show up for anyone else but me, so you can give your toots and boot under this or someone else can make a comment

  3. Why AEG havent updated box scores for born pink tour? They only updated the box scores for the Newark concerts and tbh the average ticket price of $275 is kinda below my expectation cause the friends I knew all paid at least $300 for nosebleed seats. They way they have manipulated the ticket price together with TM makes me doubt their integrity hope the pinks got paid fairly.

  4. For reference I remember that Gaga's Chromatica Ball box office got fully reported after the whole tour had finished and I think that is the case for any tour if I'm not completely mistaken. So I would think we'll get the Born Pink Tour box office later this year or they'll report the numbers from the US and EU leg first since that's already finished.

  5. But for some reason the Newark box scores were released. Why would AEG only report one stop particularly?

  6. Maybe just to highlight how well the two dates did, they became the first girl group in history to earn over $3 million for a single arena-concert in the US.

  7. Someone needs to fill the Kpop sampling pool with more samples.

  8. It's actually a producer tag, basically a sound that tells to the listener who is responsible for the production of the song. All these songs were produced by Dem Jointz.

  9. Didn't the movie start filming yesterday,

  10. I feel like I'm the only person who actually love the chorus 😭 it's the best part to me

  11. You are not the only one! To me it's one of the best choruses in their whole discography and completely makes the song for me. It's extremely catchy and I love the way jennie and lisa play with their voices and sing in bit of a higher tone than usually in other bp songs. Also it gives amazing contrast to the verses/pre chorus by being so different and a bit more subtle.

  12. It's even weirder that they nominated her for soty over best new artist

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