Penny auction at foreclosed Michigan farm (1936). At penny auctions farmers would conspire to offer low bids, resulting in a low return to the creditor. The final buyer would then return the property to the destitute farmer Hangman nooses served as a warning to squirrely bidders.

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  1. Not in the slightest. Nobody knew shit about him until he started hustlers university that pays “students” to share every piece of content he creates all over the internet. He literally bought the algorithm

  2. I mean he is just using affiliate marketing right? People can share his content and put an affiliatie link under that. For every sale they generate, they get a percentage.

  3. No. That’s done all the time. Pretty much right from the start of the program you are told how you can begin earning money immediately. They pay the students directly for sharing instructed videos across multiple social medias. What he pays pales in comparison to the ad revenue alone just from the views he gets from being pushed to front page of everything. I give him props for actually executing it right but it’s grimy and annoying to say the least.

  4. I couldn’t even get past 10 seconds of that video and the grammar in it. Tangent is that you??

  5. Their color and textures are so pleasing to the eye.

  6. Except for 9… I’m trying so hard to just think it looks like rice

  7. I'm disappointed, I was hoping there was something Italian in the name based on your username and that you were a plumbing kingpin.

  8. They really left security info in plain text? What was going through their heads

  9. It’s such a sloppy mistake that it’s likely not a mistake at all. I would not be surprised in the slightest if an internal dev left it in plain text for a reason.

  10. Is ss even defi?? Seems more like a conspiracy to me

  11. SaucerSwap is a plot to pick our brains apart. Starting with the most dedicated of followers, to then the masses.

  12. I’m telling you… the second I saw that Larry guy, i knew something was up

  13. Don't have a juicer, but I do like putting them in smoothies!

  14. My mom makes this dish with white rice and a meat curry or stir fried potatoes with crispy onions and it’s absolutely delicious!

  15. Thanks for suggesting I’m under-informed. 1.2T is NEVER a drop in the ocean. Your suggestion is that Hedera could be worth almost 1% of the S&P 500. This is kind of laughable at this stage.

  16. There are multiple credible sources that have estimated the total mcap of crypto to be around $30t by 2030, not unlike that of gold. If Hedera even had 3% of market share, they’d have a $1t+ market capitalization.

  17. Been in crypto for about 6 years now and I’ve never been this excited during the bottom of a bear market. DEX’s are rocket fuel for L1’s so hopefully it’s not just $sauce that explodes.

  18. If I breathe near a string of pearls, I’ll murder it

  19. I’ve killed all 6 of these while giving them 5 star care

  20. Oh my god it took me way too long to find this comment. Really started thinking I was starting to lose it or had developed dyslexia and I genuinely began to get frustrated at myself. Time to take a break from the internet…

  21. My mom once took the hdmi cable from me. My stuff could turn on but I had no idea what was going on.

  22. Time to play cyberpunk because you can’t see shit anyways

  23. Damn I thought I was the only guy getting paid to talk about how incredible the HBAR foundation is all day. Turns out we're all in it together. How much y'all getting paid?

  24. Lol bro do you think I’d actually be here if I wasn’t getting paid too?

  25. I bring this up because we have 3 major enterprises approaching their 3yr term in August (Boeing, FIS, IBM) and so this is something to really watch unless this has already been discussed and announced they are extending and I missed the news.

  26. Terms end in December for I’m sure good reasoning. Come December I’m positive we will receive council updates from Hedera regarding term extensions. Former member’s can rejoin after 3 year waiting periods and I get the feeling that the majority of enterprises and institutions that are required to take a break, will eventually come back as the value and insight gained from being on the council will remain the same for the foreseeable future.

  27. I have noticed recently that the numbers have increased quite a lot over the past couple weeks.

  28. At a pretty big poker game right now in Dallas and one of the guy’s who has a ridiculous amount of btc looked at me and said “maybe you were right about Hedera, been seeing them everywhere lately.” Never been more bullish than now.

  29. Can anyone in here give me some tax insight on the sale of an LLC that’s been up and running for 4 years? I have 15%, under the table, of a family business that’s in the process of a sale to private equity for $80m. I’m wondering what the taxes will look like and if I’ll be taxed on what I’m wired after the sale. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond.

  30. I am sat here hoping you learnt about these mites from Internet Today and Eliot saying 'that itch on your face? Thats mites taking a shit, or having sex...on your face'

  31. Interestingly the mites are in the arachnid family.

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