1. I know it's going to be hard, but hang in there. All those decisions, all those experiences will lead to you finally being happy. Don't change anything.

  2. Female soccer players are better looking than the average WBNA player.

  3. I prefer console gaming over PC as I don't enjoy playing games with mouse and keyboard and mainly for the all round less hassle and convenience, excellent big budget aaa exclusives, no hackers ruining games, physical games, split screen/local co-op, exclusivity deals/content and the big developers along with most Japanese games tend to prioritise consoles over PC.

  4. not really, i don’t know anything about you. is gaming your only interest?

  5. Other then wasting my time ,no but I do play football(soccer) but even after that video games don't appeal to me and it makes me feel bad.but please recommend somthing that you will do.

  6. i dunno, man. read? write music? get a bike? go for a hike? buy some canvases and paints? join a local club? knitting? the list is endless, you just have to explore your interests.

  7. Damn a classic, Definitely gonna play it.I play a lot of castlevania so yeah thanks

  8. But it's fifa 14 (I know pretty old ) cause I opened my old xbox . and I enjoyed it so I was wondering if fifa 23 was worth it.But I would like to know your opinion

  9. If you have an xbox or pc then just get gamepass. You can play some fifa games with it. At least you will have a lot of other games to play, instead of paying full price for a game that's basically the same every year.

  10. Thank you , I was actually really excited to play and yes I do have an xbox.Thanks bro you really helped me out.

  11. redfall, starfield. forza and maybe some others to be announced - xbox/pc

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