1. We are certainly not a large NBA market, without doubt.

  2. What you’re trying to say is that in one of the largest Metro markets in the US, DC, there are a relatively small amount of basketball fans?

  3. Certainly relative to the New York and LA markets. It goes without saying that Leonsis treating the Wizards like the unloved step-child hurts us tremendously, but Dolan does the same with the Rangers and Knicks and MSG is usually popping. LA sold out when they sucked as well. Our issues, I think, certainly have to do with consumer demand.

  4. Here to help everyone. At this point I have 9 ordered already so I’m happy

  5. You won’t be after you open them. 😂 Panini is over printing these cards like it is 1992 and reaping in all of the over pricing on their way out the door.

  6. Win at least 2 games?? Dawg id be ecstatic if we made the conference final and then didnt score two points.

  7. I been rooting my whole life and never seen 50 wins or a conference finals. Forgive us if there's significant doubt.

  8. Dude that card would have been soooo much this time last season …

  9. There is nothing to fear. I’m 40 at the beginner rides were too easy.

  10. These are not rare as after every Passover, more batches are processed. They are limited each year but not rare. The back of the label explains it more. Definitely don’t pay more than $50! I’ve seen these in kosher liquor stores for quite a premium because of the novelty factor.

  11. Hey! I have the commemorative first edition it is priceless! 😂

  12. It's not outrage on the word, just surprise on your interpretation of Maeve's character because it's so wrong. She was clearly always aware, just didn't know what to do against it and chose to be silent and complicit out of fear and then drowned her sorrow in alcohol. But "sadistic" would imply that she found great pleasure in killing and hurting people, which she never did.

  13. Huh? Starlight was never silent and complicit. She's been plotting against Vought from the very beginning.

  14. Starlight is 100% silent and complicit. She goes along with what what Vaught is doing.

  15. This sub is basically anal, obsessive people complaining about minor blemishes on display pieces as compared to the amount of time they actually get played. Can we get a “blemish compliant” tag?

  16. I don’t feel that way. These are people that pay a premium price for what should be a product they are happy with. Issues like this shouldn’t exist and if they do, it should be a rarity. The number of people making posts like this is an indicator of the poor quality of Arcade1Up products more than people complaining just to complain.

  17. If you showed me this and said it was from another planet, I would not be suprised

  18. https://cordis.europa.eu/article/id/123479-trending-science-do-octopuses-come-from-outer-space

  19. My God man, this off-season content is just terrible. Every day I tell myself to not check this sub, but I never learn...

  20. I think this would have been a better post had the tittle been “Will the season just fkn start already?!?!”

  21. Art is subjective my friend. You seem to be approaching this like there’s 2 options : the show is great (the right answer) or not great (the racist answer).

  22. I don’t doubt that the heavy race subject matter is a factor. And sure, even racist bigots may be part of the culprit. My point is that the show dealing with racial injustice issues isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That doesn’t make someone a white supremacist or racist. That’s the lack of nuance I’m referring to.

  23. I don’t think anyone that doesn’t like the show because of its heavy subject matter makes them a racist. Sometimes you just want to eat popcorn and watch blue dong, there’s nothing wrong with that.

  24. In 10 years from now, I’m going to buy 100 of these types of cards for $10 graded. I’m going to crack open the cases and burn the cards out of principal. This bubble is absurd.

  25. Guess we didn't pray quick enough lol

  26. I wouldn’t totally be … but … I watch the Sabres content with my kids … interviews and that … They all look at Tuch as a leader. Only “Dad” Aka Kyle Okposo comes across as a more of a leader. The Locker room seems to really key in on Tuch.

  27. Well that’s what we see, adams and granato have siad they’ve rly seen dahlin step up in a leadership role and we’re not in the room so I trust them more than anyone here

  28. I mean Dahlin stepping up in the leadership department and being a C are two different things imo. I guess we’ll see. It’s a good problem to have, too many leaders.

  29. https://www.chichesterinc.com/BuffaloSkeleton.htm

  30. No offense but I don’t plan on death preventing me from going hard for the Bills.

  31. Boys, the amount of people dumping all these 2020, 2021 cards constantly should tell you the bubble is over.

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