Sad mama dog reunites with her lost puppies. A dog mama named Cora ended up in a shelter after her owner had taken her babies away from her. Depressed, she wouldn’t move away from a corner, so The Marin Humane Society tracked down Cora’s puppies and reunited the family

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  1. If you got a Kaboom you have instant ROI. However super unlikely. I also like the look of Absolute if you want to collect the junk base sets.

  2. Whose spot would he take tho that’s not already filled by a quality or soon to be quality player?

  3. 1.) You cannot touch the Tuch, Tage, Skinner line they jelled.

  4. Motor is a beast and if he walks watch him have 1200 & 400 yard season with a team that knows how to run.

  5. We don’t have the room to sign him and he may want out. We choose Von over Edmunds last season.

  6. This is a terrible metaphor, for 1. These Players go straight from College to the NFL. All of those other leagues you mentioned are players who didn't go straight to NBA or MLB from college. Swing and a miss.

  7. In the MLB & NHL 18-19 year olds are drafted. They are sent to a minor league that the Majors have to pay for and develop the players.

  8. The CiRcLe JeRk BeLIeF

  9. Our offensive line couldn’t block 3 man fronts because they are garbage rerun and aging guards that were major liabilities.

  10. Scrolled way too far before I saw antibiotic resistance mentioned, so I suppose it accurately belongs in this thread.

  11. 1.) All of these are symptoms of waaaaaaaaay too many people on the face of planet Earth.

  12. I know it’s against the norm but I’m personally not a fan of those honeycombs.

  13. No effin way I am drafting a guard round 1. Get a tackle. At worst, he replaces Brown or steps in for Dion if he gets hurt. At best, you could play him at guard. I hate handcuffing myself to an interior lineman. 2nd, 3rd, and/or 4th. Go HAM

  14. That was a really cool thing to say 10 years ago. Especially when the Bills were drafting in the Top half of the draft.

  15. Wouldn’t it be best to draft a good center round one and put in guard until Morse retires?

  16. Shure whateves. As long as the build out a full interior line of top talent to protect Josh and create a run game for Cook.

  17. Clearly the Sabres hate spending time with their families considering how well they do on these long distance road trips. /s

  18. They see their families when they are on the road. They are early 20 year olds that have no ties to Buffalo. In Buffalo they don’t have much but free time.

  19. Does anyone know the name of this dog breed ?

  20. All of these games are still produced out of broadcast trucks. Only exception is visit feeds done remotely but many positions are still done locally out of a truck. There’s a huge difference in quality between an iPhone and a $100k camera chain.

  21. Not to put you out of business but is there really a huge difference in 2023? Obviously not an iPhone.

  22. Hopefully this leads to a model similar to the OHL and AHL where you can buy all home and away games for a reasonable price. Obviously the national games would be separate but any local games could be purchased for streaming.

  23. 19 of our final 35 games are on the road?

  24. Exactly. Our buddy may want to put down the Chicken nuggies and look at “prior” road record and prior record against top teams.

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