1. It's a bit weird that so few female athletes are speaking out against male athletes being allowed in the "women's" events - so the very few who do speak out are made targets and vilified - but if they all spoke out, this nonsense would end immediately

  2. If this was all fair, then women who declare themselves as men, would also be record breakers and winning the male events.

  3. I told OP this deal is not going to happen. Now after yesterday's attack on Indian high commission in London, consider it dead

  4. You told me this when? What has the CP-TPP got to do with some attack on the Indian commission?

  5. I can't really find the words for this poll, but perhaps I can say it with a picture

  6. That seems quite insane when you think about it. I can only presume there is more to it.

  7. I didn’t read the article, but Japan and UK (+…Italy) are also developing a 6th gen fighter Jet together.

  8. The UK, Italy and Japan need a different aircraft to France. We also need to be free of German involvement in weapon sales.

  9. There's no reason we couldn't do this before brexit, with or without ESA. Unless you have facts to prove otherwise.

  10. Yea, but I’m pretty sure the rest of the UK doesn’t want that to happen. The vast majority of people in GB would much rather have this deal than go back to square one.

  11. I doubt the people of GB would be willing to go to a no deal scenario for the sake of the Irish Sea border being removed tbh.

  12. Well there will be no government in NI, so it will become defacto ruled by westminster.

  13. So you don't want to be sent an emergency alert that could save your life?

  14. I'll be perfectly fine not having the government sending me messages about gale force winds, or heavy snow.

  15. Imminent attack is exactly the sort of thing this would be used for. This is the kind of alert you are asking for

  16. They can't even build their own engines anymore. They shop them out th Broken Motor Works.

  17. RR engines for cars is completely different company to this one. This is the one people use to make their planes fly, nuclear subs move through water (using nuclear propulsion) and aircraft carriers propel themselves through the sea.

  18. I think it is, I’ve been to a few pubs tonight and you wouldn’t know it’s st Patrick’s day. Definitely way bigger in the US. Actually as I type this whiskey in the jar has come on..

  19. up north, it's massive. Well, defo in Lancashire and Merseyside. Most pubs decked out for the evening.

  20. Get the parkers guide, check online for prices and get RAC to check it over.

  21. Unfortunately I don't think the hate crime bill is active in Scotland yet

  22. As I've said before, Junior Doctors are overpaid. You only need to look at the sort of money they'll be on in ten years after leaving Uni.

  23. The irony of wishing we open a bottle of champagne when none of us can afford even English fizz due to Brexit making the entire nation poorer was apparently lost on you

  24. It won’t make any noticeable difference.

  25. We lost 0.04% growth due to leaving the EU and signing the TCA, we will grow 0.01% due to this.

  26. More like idiot Russian pilot decided to buzz the drone and has no concept of spatial awareness.

  27. The Americans are saying it was dropping fuel on it prior. Seems the Russians are thinking drones are legitimate targets without any repercussions.

  28. Your "paper" is based on forecasted losses. THey're trying to say the UK is worse off now, based on where they "THINK" it should have been.

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