1. I actually just calculated and our monthly profit margin (on average) calculates to 35%. Whish in my sector is above average. Only looking for 250K or so. How long are repayment terms typically on SBA loans?

  2. Um yeah that’s your operating margin, not profit margin … I would learn the correct terminology before talking to a bank.

  3. Own three businesses and still have bouts of depression. I have finally convinced myself that owning a fourth isn’t going to solve the problem.

  4. Technically they also used sex to spread their religion. Though, I’d guess many there are many devout Christian males raising a hoard of kids while keeping their wives virgin births a secret, as his Pastor advised.

  5. I get 800-1200 hours or 100-150 days PTO in addition to having weekends off. I realize this is needle in a haystack situation, but positions such as these do exist and in the US no less.

  6. Franchises are such a scam, just another way for corporations to exploit small business owners and their hard-earned money. But hey, if you want to throw away your life savings on a McDonald's, be my guest.

  7. There are numerous alternate win conditions aside from reducing a players life total to zero. You can mill them out of cards, you can kill them with a mere 10 points of toxic. There are a limited selection of cards that just let you win regardless of the overall board state so long as you meet the specific conditions set forth on them. Then you have combos that result instant wins. You have cards that directly render this type of strategy unviable Leyline of Punishment is an excellent example and just one of many. Hand destruction can greatly reduce their ability to ability to gain life from comes into play effects. There is ridiculous amount of spot removal options in magic that can take these out once they hit the board. There is a whole host of board wipe spells, especially ones that target creatures.

  8. I might have to study the card database a bit more, but with being busy as such I'm just going with the flow of card packs. Magic is a refreshing game instead of YGO, and the mechanics are already thrilling to me. For e.g, I've played like 50 matches, and only with little assumption, that I thought board wipes didn't exist.

  9. Triskaidekaphile is one such win condition. It is an instant win, but requires a specific strategy to be able to both survive and meet.

  10. I feel replacing the “and” with “plus” would remove any ambiguity.

  11. I have a franchise location that I don’t work at which earns in the low six figures annually.

  12. Biden went to Ukraine and gave them lots of money and war resources. Trump went to Ohio and gave food and water.

  13. So he gave free Goya beans, free Trump water he can’t sell and bought McDonalds for a handful of people. So like a couple grand in total if we are generous and assume he actually paid for them. So a billionaire (or so he claims) donated less than the cost of his flight there, how generous.

  14. Taking odds on how many future jobs she will lose due to her abhorrent behavior?

  15. Yeah, planes walkers are not a crutch in the slightest, especially since everyone has access to them. If you get mad over a certain card type then maybe magic isn’t for you.

  16. The amount of access to something has no bearing on whether or not something is a crutch. I’m not mad, it is just lame having to sub in a bunch of “deals with planeswalkers” removal in place of other more synergistic choices in a given deck. I’m not saying you can’t play your deck poorly and use a [insert random planeswalker] to make up for it, I just thought it would be nice to have a format for us Magic players that don’t need them to fill in a skill gap.

  17. Lol try running a bad deck and throw a bunch of planeswalkers in it and see if you go on a winning spree. I think you’ll be disappointed to learn how planeswalkers, just like any card type, are only good in the deck if they are synergistic and you know how to utilize them.

  18. Explain to me the super advanced synergy required to make Elspeth useful … have creatures in your deck?

  19. Haven’t lost to a toxic deck yet even whilst playing shit decks. I like the idea of poison to kill a player, but the way they choose to implement this was half baked at best, always has been.

  20. Can I ask what SBA lender you used? Thanks.

  21. Local small bank. The Community Development Company (CDV) for your area can tell you who is best to work with in the area.

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