1. If you’re are looking for definition, there must be muscle there first. I’m sure you have muscle, but adjust your expectations. People online have more definition because they had bulk (eaten more calories than their body needs) before cutting (less calories) for that definition look. But don’t stress, just make sure you’re eating enough! You will feel better and your workouts will be better with more food as well

  2. Get one w a brownie. Like wow game changer

  3. Literally literally any flavor is amazing

  4. The summit downtown is my favorite! I know they just got a personal trainer that does a boot camp class, that’s an easy way to get into lifting too

  5. Same here today. Interested to see if more people have had this happen and why

  6. I worked part time the whole time I went to school in the US. I usually has 3-4 classes including studio. Around 10-15h a week part Time work. But I could do homework at work, so that helped. Since I have a lot of credits, Now I only take 2 classes per semester and work 20h a week easily.

  7. Encore is amazing food and vibe, around $12-15 for a good meal!

  8. Do you have a portfolio? All types of videos?

  9. What labor issues? Haven’t heard about it

  10. If you get your groceries at dillons you can make a reward card that gives you points towards gas. Sometimes I get $1 off gas!

  11. The summit downtown is by far the best

  12. I work out at the summit because it’s convenient for me. It’s definitely, definitely not the best.

  13. I really like the ppl there, and now they always have loud music and got new equipment too

  14. Here are my favorites since moving to Lawrence in August in a scattered order:

  15. When you say it "never works" and you've never lost more than 5 lbs, how long of a cut are we talking? Weight loss averages out to 1-2 lbs per week when done safely, but it's also famously nonlinear. You can go several weeks without losing weight, only to have several lbs drop off quickly.

  16. During my cut phase, I was doing cardio 2x a week, weight lifting 5-6x and stated the cut at 1500cal, dropped 100cal every other week until I stay at 1000cal for a couple weeks. I know 1000cal is crazy and I was feeling like shit! Always thinking of food, etc .Tried to reserve diet but gave up at that point :( My cut phase probably went on for 3months

  17. I think you cut calories too much and weird stuff started happening with your metabolism. There's no reason to go below a 20% deficit, you just have to be patient.

  18. How do I truly find my calories? Every source says it differently

  19. Im in a similar situation to you. I’m eating 1500 per day and can’t seem to lose any weight, even though I’m going to the gym daily for cardio + weight training sessions.

  20. I can say I sleep 6-8hrs every night. I usually sleep all thru the night as well. I get stressed because I constantly have deadlines to meet for my classes (architecture major). Could be a factor I guess

  21. This is good advice OP, also check the Scholarship Halls.

  22. Deff check the scholarship halls. It’s way cheaper than the other dorms + you have a huge pantry and access to a massive kitchen 24/7. You pretty much cook all your meals or eat meals that other students made (part of their shift).

  23. At the scholarship halls you live with 49 other students. Share a industrial kitchen/pantry. Margaret Amini and KK Amini are the best ones. You share a suite with 3 other students, w bathroom and closet!

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