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  1. A midlevels a midlevel in my book. Lots of PAs on here probably more than MDs

  2. Most of what we learn about the practice of prescribing happens in the clinical years and residency, so information is going to be very dispirit based on preceptor. I'm only a few months in and have already seen vastly different approaches within the same hospital.

  3. Not a text, but Clinical Neuroanatomy Made Ridiculously Simple saved my ass as a quick and dirty supplement

  4. My personal favorite is just when you're finally getting used to imaging with the right on the left, they introduce visual field diagrams with the right on the right.

  5. Fatal seizures is what we worry about most in alcohol withdrawal. A seizure is an unorganized, excitatory firing of brain cells, so let's talk about how that happens.

  6. What kinda miserable salty person reports another student for essentially buying a great mentor a meal as a thank you, goddamn

  7. I just do a basic card that tackles what I didn't know like "Memantine MOA" or "8;14 c-myc"

  8. I wouldn't make the statement as to the cause of the slurred speech, but rather allude to it with pertinent negatives: No ptosis, no facial droop, midline tongue, etc.

  9. Ohhhhh shit. I listed the wrong pertinent negatives: no head pain, stomach pain, chest pain, SOB 😅

  10. Not to mention lab woke them up between 3 and 4 for morning draws and that was after midnight vitals. I hate how little we allow sick people to rest.

  11. Hey man don't blame the lab. They don't show up if the team doesn't order it.

  12. I'm not blaming anybody for doing their job. I dislike the way the system is set up in most places in general

  13. A lot of people like using a sheet of paper to mimic the sacrum e.g. if the stem says posterior ILA left, bring the left lower corner of the paper towards you. Doing this with a simple flowchart of diagnoses may help you visualize the crap they're trying to convey in the question.

  14. The Sanford Guide is probably the most comprehensive. There's a app, but it requires a monthly subscription. The

  15. This video is aimed at first line management of essential hypertension. ACEi's don't have a place in management of a hypertensive emergency.

  16. We all suck right now! There's a reason it's going to be 5+ years before we're on our own.

  17. I’m actually going through a shitty time, and I think I’m about to unsub. I haven’t seen a single post in my feed from here about anything but the stupid priapism shit. Has it not been played out enough?

  18. Sorry you're having a shit time. Mindless bullshit is cathartic for some of us, but many of us also have our DMs open if you need someone to vent to/commiserate with. Don't hesitate to reach out and I hope things turn around.

  19. All you really need. Find a 10 hour YouTube loop and you’re set for the whole day.

  20. If its really a sinus rhythm, then no. If it's any other SVT, absolutely.

  21. Don't let it get you down, this is a huge adjustment period where you figure out YOUR best way to study. A lot of others failed too, whether or not they admit it.

  22. There's always going to be regional variation, but for the most part, protocols are just an amalgamation of the stuff you learned in school. The majority of struggles in "learning protocols" is trying for rote memorization of paragraphs when you already know most, if not all of the information, especially having been in the system a while.

  23. I'll bet a gonad this was not the student who got dismissed early.

  24. And to be fair, I had the benefit of working in the medical field for a while before medical school so I knew more of what to expect, but I definitely struggled with a lot of the bullshit in healthcare when I was new.

  25. Next time leave the stall door open, make constant eye contact and pimp him

  26. I don't get what point he is trying to make. That these people should get real and apply to a specialty that they don't want to do?

  27. I think it's more encouraging a nuanced view when looking at unmatched stats rather than defaulting to it being a problem with the system.

  28. From my limited understanding (Incoming first year) OMT treats "somatic dysfunctions" which are identified through tissue texture changes, asymmetry of anatomic landmarks, range of motion abnormalities, and tenderness/pain.

  29. Looking at this and your post history, I'm sensing an air of superiority. I know it's tough to hear because I got a pretty defeating come-to-jesus as a newer EMT myself. But it was necessary.

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