Naked man on meth turns into demon and paces a car

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  • By - 1q8b

  1. I kinda feel like Emanuel inadvertently shut Alex down a lot of the time when he was trying to make a joke too.

  2. Yeah, I think their distinct senses of humor just didn't mesh.

  3. I got rid of my video games a few years back, but now I have the urge to play them again. That being said, I needed space at the time because of my living situation.

  4. Jesus Christ, he could probably outrun Usain Bolt, car looked like it was at least going 35-40 mph.

  5. Is it actually the work that is making you miserable? In my experience it is almost always the company, or most likely the management, that makes the work unenjoyable. I'd want to be sure I was fixing the actual problem before I'd take a 50% cut in pay.

  6. Eh, my company and management is actually pretty great, but the type of work I do is completely out of line with what makes me happy. I don't hate it or dread working, but I'm completely apathetic about it.

  7. If you are well regarded at work, is there any other tasks that you see people doing in the company that you think you might like better. Even companies that don't have formal mentor programs may be open to job explorations for good employees. We had some tellers who wanted to try customer support, desktop computer support and sales. We were able to hook them up with a few month trial to see if they liked that work. Most did, but a few tried several different things. Some tried a few, then went back to what they started with.

  8. Thanks for the suggestion. They do have those opportunities, but it's pretty much office work. I don't really like sitting at a computer 8 hours a day.

  9. [It looks like it sold for $70 on ebay, but I'm not sure with its condition and probably missing accessories.] (

  10. Yes, thunderstorms seem different than maybe 10-20 years ago, in my non-scientific anecdotal experience.

  11. I've only had continuation dreams a couple of times. Once, I had dreams months apart where I picked up where I left off.

  12. In my dreamlife I'm part of a team and we take down and gather information on certain individuals. This has been ongoing for quite some time. I go to work at night

  13. Damn, you've been recruited in the astral.

  14. I know it’s “oh shit” but it has always sounded like “oh god” to me

  15. Yeah, I know it says "Oh shit," but I can't unhear "Oh god!" I probably listened to 50 episodes or more before I found out, so it stuck with me.

  16. I have been tempted many times to write side stories but I never thought I had anything original to say so I always changed my mind.

  17. That's the best part about small podcasts. Really small ones are just happy to be getting fan emails.

  18. I just want to know how Jerry GOT a tub of butter. Maybe he'll answer that this week. Jerry is a tiny dog. He didn't open the fridge. I just need to know how the saga went down. I'm not wanting to pile on Ben for being a bad dog-dad, because I know he isn't. Accidents happen. I just literally want the story of how this went down because there has to be humor in it.

  19. Everyone knows that Ben was living his Midwestern bachelor life and probably left out a tub of butter on his couch that he was dipping crackers in.

  20. Ben Kissel living his craziest bachelor life. Doesn’t own a towel and just leaves open tubs of butter laying around on the floor.

  21. I think it's obvious he forgot to put it away after he had it out on the couch and was slathering it on whatever he was eating.

  22. Depending on what drug you're taking, sleep deprivation might be the more dangerous option.

  23. They might be busy or not want to or get annoyed or...

  24. I'm the opposite in that I ask for help too much. The way I see it, I'll let them tell me they're too busy rather than assume it.

  25. I'm the opposite. I ask for help all the time instead of trying things out for myself. I think it can be a problem as well.

  26. Yesterday and today, actually! Time feels like it's moving the way it used to.

  27. Same, definitely today and yesterday. I don't remember how Monday felt though.

  28. You drove through a mysterious yellow fog by an active blasting area with your windows DOWN???

  29. We were headed down the hill, away from the blasting zone. We saw no sign of the fog before going down that hill. It just sort of started rolling down the hill after us. I actually have a photo of it, I’ll try to find it

  30. Ok, I thought you meant that you opened your windows when you reached the fog. Lol.

  31. Yeah, I know someone who chipped a tooth doing this.

  32. Nope, mine are all here! I've held on to them once I realized that the tooth fairy was severely underpaying me for my pain.

  33. One strange thing is that sometime last week, I noticed the moon's brightness looked "normal" again. It wasn't a harsh bright white, but more of a mellow yellowish color.

  34. That is a stupid level of close to stand to that thing, especially in front of a glass door. And coming from someone from Iowa who grew up watching these things that's saying something.

  35. I think they're on an open porch. That's not any better though.

  36. Lol you're right, and that's arguably worse.

  37. But they're safe from the rain! Until it starts raining sideways.

  38. Court dismissed. Bring in the dancing lobsters.

  39. yeah i find it crazy how some people seem to think that because they read something on a blog or saw a YT vid or a reddit post that they know more than the government who have whole departments of people dedicated to internet monitoring and even darkweb etc... i bet any cubicle worker in those departments knows more than any of us about most of how the world actually works

  40. I think the reality of the situation is that they probably fall somewhere in the middle. I don't think they're all knowing and infallible, but I also don't think they're completely incompetent.

  41. Let’s not equate elected political figures with CIA/ FBI type of government

  42. For sure. College students working at a national park for the summer are technically "the government" too.

  43. Um. That’s what passing cars are for. One out of every 5 seconds illuminates the screen

  44. Oh, I lucked out one time and had a car driving behind us. I just held my Gameboy up into the light from there car for a sweet 5 minutes until they turned.

  45. Wait why is this such a thing? I don’t think nudity is inherently weird but there’s such a thing as being weird in the nude and there are ALWAYS old dudes at every gym who do this.

  46. I feel like a big part of it is that it used to be common back in the day. After gym class, the students would wash up in the [communal shower] (

  47. High schools still have showers, this is still a thing

  48. I took all of my PE during summer school and went straight home after, so my high school shower knowledge may be skewed.

  49. I disagree it is just like people talking. Should they not talk? Neither should be too loud but both are fine

  50. Yeah, seems excessive. It's like the people who hate kids playing outside because they're making noise.

  51. By that same logic, if the table next to me is talking loud enough for me to hear, they should be forced to quiet down or leave right?

  52. Yeah, I feel headphones only is excessive. I don't really care if I can hear a tablet as long as it's not obnoxiously loud. Same for people talking.

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