1. The same way people react to bands like Ghost. Lots of people love them, others don’t get the hype, but no one takes the “shock” factor seriously. Everyone views it as purely performative, besides a handful of people that wouldn’t know any better or wouldn’t be fans in the first place.

  2. I’m a Ghost diehard, love them almost as much as I love Manson. Though Ghost uses a lot of extreme imagery, there is an underlying sincerity to their Satanism that most people try to hand-wave away for one reason or another. There’s a strong LaVeyan message at the core of their music

  3. It’s honestly hard to make a confident decision either way. There have been rumors floating around that the lead singer is a theistic Satanist, he has said in an interview he is in fact a Satanist but most people assumed he meant an atheistic kind. He mentioned before that as a kid growing up in a strict christian environment it lead to him “falling into the arms of Lucifer” according to him.

  4. They don’t have the rights to the original, it was released in Japan only because the copyright law doesn’t apply there to my knowledge. You can only listen to it on YouTube digitally

  5. The musical themes are very much still satanic. Impera focuses on the sins of mankind, dangers of blindly following bigots, the evil of ignorance, etc. I would argue that these are the exact same “satanic” messages that they have always portrayed even in their earliest work. Satan is simply symbolic of these themes, and the obvious motifs definitely lent a fun, spooky edge to the material. But whether you invoke Satan’s name directly or not, it’s not hard to dig one layer down and see him there in Impera. He’s referenced in so many thinly-veiled metaphors. So many lines are still so sharply pointed and tongue-in-cheek.

  6. There are still blasphemous lyrics and praises of Satan in some of their newer songs, CMLS, the bridge in Watcher seems to just be praising Satan in all his grace, “cruel beast that you feed”, it’s there but it’s subtle and purposefully easy to misinterpret. I like to think that in order to influence the minds of the masses even more so, they use subtle Satanism in order to get Satan into the minds of the populace without them even noticing. If you ask me that’s pretty fucking evil and satanic, no surprise why Copia got rated a 9/10 from the clergy on the “sticking to the message” review from the escape the ministry game. If you’re interested, I made a huge post about this topic a while ago about Satanism in Ghost and how they approach the two biggest versions that appear in their music.

  7. My theory is that somehow Nihil grew up outside of the clergy, and it wasn’t until dance macabre that he realized his path in life, symbolized by him “getting” the white eye (which I rationalize was absent for most the video for symbolism sake.) The reason why he starts at zero even though there were other Papas is because he is the start of the Ghost project, like rebooting the lineage

  8. My main problem with post copia ghost is that Tobias doesn't sound like himself too much. This is an opinion, based off his discography btw!!!

  9. I’m genuinely curious to as how you see vocal parallels to the early Ghost albums and Phantom. To me the operatic and layered vocal delivery on Opus and Infest couldn’t be further from the bombastic and in your face style of Phantom. Infest and Opus used a lot of backing vocals on their songs, there would usually be like 3 or 4 different vocal tracks playing at the same time at relatively similar volumes, which gave off that ghastly and almost otherworldly choir-ish feel. Impera and Phantomime had a pretty standard structure in terms of vocals, some songs the back vocal is in the same octave as the main one.

  10. The vocal delivery & just the song inspiration Specially in hanging around. Specially after the & during the choruses, remind me of early subvision or something opus-ish!

  11. To me there’s just something so pious and divine about the delivery of the older stuff, and I just don’t see it in the newer songs. The newer songs feel more like he’s trying to show off while the older stuff felt more “sincere.” Maybe it’s just the effects I miss, they were so atmospheric. The usual effects he uses nowadays just sound like he’s trying to replicate old glam metal bands

  12. Do you happen to know if there's a full version of HSG acoustic? Or are you talking about the 2-3 min version from YouTube?

  13. I only know of the BBC session one which is only about 2 and a half minutes or so

  14. Putting Holes in Happiness acoustic with the accordion is unreal with how good it is. Heart Shaped Glasses acoustic is great too, his singing on that one is phenomenal

  15. Tobias did say he wants to play it live sometime and I’m completely up for that. Absolutely a banger

  16. Same for me when I heard Cirice for the first time. I immediately had to check out everything else Ghost had ever made at the time. I've never experienced that level of excitement with any band before.

  17. Square Hammer wasn’t the first Ghost song I heard, I was a fan for about 2 years already when it came out. Still, I had no idea music could be that good, it blew my fucking mind

  18. Eh, I would actually say my love for the band has been as high as it’s been when I first got into them in 2015. I’m not a huge fan of the most recent releases but goddamn man, Opus-Prequelle is such a special thing to me I’ll always love that. When I saw them in September last year it really rejuvenated my love for them. Ghost has become more than just the music for me lately and I tend to focus on that stuff more than I did before like the lore and whatnot, the music will always come first but participating in the other stuff makes things fresh for me. Maybe one of these days it’ll fade out like you op, and if so that’s ok, that’s just how people are sometimes. It is disheartening though that Tobias feels the need to take up more and more of the spotlight as time goes on, I miss when the band was wholeheartedly committed to keeping up the act

  19. I like the idea that Papa never interviews, like he’s above it, but man I don’t think anyone’s gonna get upset if he decides to bring special ghoul back

  20. I found it on Redbubble but it appears to no longer be available

  21. No, Monstrance Clock is the last track on regular releases of Infest

  22. That’s not my call to make. I wouldn’t but if I had the financial comfortably, maybe

  23. How is it unprofessional to speak about something you care about? Making tobias look good isn't his job anymore.

  24. Because it’s a breach of an NDA. This tells people that you will go against contracts. It’s a leak, you sign a contract saying you will not reveal private business information and practices and here he is doing so.

  25. The only reason I bring up an NDA breach is because that shows unprofessionality, and Chris’ actions being unprofessional is my entire argument. I’m not personally offended by it, I bring it up to back my point

  26. YES I am pretty sure it is quite special. It's a shirt for when Ghost was going to perform on the day the pope would arrive, but Ghost was not allowed to perform.

  27. Man I miss this. Staying in character, talking about Papa like he’s a different guy, it was just way more fun this way

  28. Yes, but “comrade” is usually a way communists identify each other.

  29. Couldn't have said it better. I like your words, sir. Holy Wood, George Carlin, all predicted this in their work, and it's here and it's been here in full force for decades. It's over, folks. They own us, and we don't care.

  30. You don’t know if you’re tied to a leash if you sit by the peg all day, and unfortunately sitting by the peg is good enough for a lot of people.

  31. Thanks! Here’s to us getting to be apart of this fantastic tour

  32. Me either. I’ve only gotten to see them live one time before so this was a MUST. I was super fortunate that the announcement landed right after my birthday and I had some birthday cash 😅

  33. This’ll be my first time seeing Danzig and Behemoth, which I’m especially excited for as Behemoth is probably my favorite death metal band right now

  34. I’ve been in the twenty one pilots fan base for years and years and can attest it’s not at all specific to Ghost. tøp twitter is so full of infighting, parasocial bs (fan art of the singer’s literal toddler daughters is so common now I don’t even recognize it as weird anymore when I’m scrolling) and just overall a mixture of teen girls and middle aged dads spewing their personality disorders all over the place.

  35. I said this before to someone else but I expect that kinda shit from a fanbase like top, not from the fanbase of a metal band like Ghost which is why it’s so jarring

  36. That is a very good point! I am fairly new around here- do you think it picked up after the tik tok trending brought in newer/younger fans? I was brought in by the year zero intro being used in funny dog YT shorts but I’m 36. I’m sure a lot that have been brought in from similar uses of the music are younger though which definitely can lead to more weirdness because you’re (meaning younger fans not you) just generally less self aware?

  37. There’s been a section of those kinda fans in the fanbase for a while but they were hugely a minority. I’ve been in the fanbase since 2015 and saw it here and there. Most people were just chill 25+ year old metalheads. TikTok definitely has expanded Ghost’s fanbase with that kind of juvenile audience.

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