1. Mine is Leito > Taiga > Ran. I don't think we should count Ran, since he's like Zero himself

  2. Titan and Ribut are both a great fighter but even they cant really land a hit on Nexus. Tartarus and Zero definitely much stronger than them. To me Nexus probably capable to at least hold them off long enough to deplete their energy.

  3. I have a question. Can Nexus/Noa take back Zero's Ultimate Aegis?

  4. I mean thats a good point. Perhaps in the story they decide that its not needed?

  5. Why are you getting a downvote? You seems like a calm and reasonable person

  6. How in the world does Kengo look so much older now….His show was only a year ago….

  7. So they brought Yapool back because of Ace 50th Anniversary this year. But not Jack or Jack monsters in Trigger?

  8. Cosmium beam is literally the one hit kill special in FE3 and FER

  9. If i remember correctly. The more button you put in FE3 the weaker it get right?

  10. There aint one. There is only an english dub. You have to wait until tsuburaya releases the blu ray

  11. I just rewatch this scene and he was just standing still like what the hell

  12. the only evil ultraman i know that have their colour timers blink is Ultraman Shadow/Evil Zearth

  13. And Chaos Ultraman Corona mode. I don't think Shadow count as a Dark Ultra cause he's a robot

  14. Junis red tachibana, truly a form unique to tachibana.

  15. Tachibana was also supposed to have her own form right? Why was it scrapped?

  16. Hilarious if the next Ultra will be named Ultraman Dynas….

  17. Dynus works better if the idea is the spelling being different than Dyna's.

  18. My dude was demoted so hard that he end up becoming the less interesting Absolution among the trio, his strength feels average due to constantly getting beat up despite having "the strongest martial art in the universe" meanwhile Tartarus feel more stronger, and his projectile attack is only equal to Titan meanwhile Tartarus is league above him.

  19. I was disappointed when Diavolo was struggling with Ribut. And Titan went from fighting Ribut and USA Trio at once to struggling with Ribut alone

  20. You forgot that earlier he got his power zap out by Gut-Select, got gang up by the Giant of Darkness and now have to fight both Ribut and Trigger Glitter.

  21. Didn't Diavolo still struggle with Ribut when Ribut first arrived? Ribut hits him a lot, Diavolo hit him once on the stomach

  22. I think he would look cute/funny with Nero's long coat. Nero is a tall guy

  23. Its like Gaia Supreme posture combined with Agul posture🤔

  24. When i was a kid i was confused why his grunt sounds like that in ps2

  25. Well in the past, Nexus just seem like an average ultra who legit trying to not freaking die when fighting Space Beast until he become Junis Blue where he show some incredible feats like using Knuck-Ray Generade which (absorb enemy attack way quicker than Spill-Ray Generade) and absorb dark energy from Dark Field. He also have Over Arrow-Ray Schtrom which easily kill Izmael (combination of many Space Beast) the same way how Ace kill Jumbo King easily with Guillotine Shot.

  26. Nexus in his own series only exist as power with the Deunamist does all the fighting/movement. While Nexus just... i don't know what's he's doing, just sit and watch maybe

  27. I kinda wish they give Glitter Tiga some new design/look. In the stage show, Glitter Tiga is just Tiga but gold

  28. I'm 2 months late. Can Junis blue use Junis red's power? His wiki said that he can is it true?

  29. Ultraman Powered is so small & skinny now. Should've give him some muscle

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