1. Excuse me, the complex is called “Apartment on Sixth”. There is no “s”. It’s literally singular. I got yelled at for not saying the name correctly, even though plural would make more sense.

  2. Yeah they just started doing that as I was leaving there, because I don't think they have enough parking for every apartment.

  3. The rationale is totally fair, but as someone who parked there visiting my friends pretty much every weekend and then literally woke up one morning with my car gone and all of us confused, and then it cost me over $200 to get it out of the tow lot in NoLaw, I was pissed. The office claimed they sent everyone a notice but my friends didn’t receive anything.

  4. Yeah, my neighbours there had to park one of their cars at Walmart or at the strip mall by chop house, all the time, one day they drove over there to pick the other up because they had stuff to bring in, and someone stole their spot in the 3 minutes they were gone.

  5. Is that in a wee Irish pub kinda place down a little alley.

  6. Fish house, merchants, zen zero, taco zone.... So far

  7. The sausages look like witches fingers. Rest looks good.

  8. He is harming people, waking people up is harming people, backfiring triggers ptsd, driving like a complete wankstain is harmful. If having a car that sounds performance tuned is his hobby, he needs a new hobby, because he's terrible at it.

  9. What their anti piracy didn't reckon with was me as a 10 year old having all the time in the world to hand copy all of the codes 😂

  10. Never underestimate the genius of the scoundrel 😜

  11. Looks like they are trying to load Jet Set Willy on a Commodore 64

  12. Don't care... Get me a spicy chicken burrito, chips salsa and jarrito. Please.

  13. I've eaten at the sketchiest places across the globe, if I turned my nose up everytime someone want wearing gloves, I would've starved to death.

  14. Omfg I just choked on my drink, I was delegated a meeting with a rep for Tuesday.

  15. They always bring donuts and coffee... I'm willing to sit through the spiel... And not gonna lie... The tech is always kinda cool to play with.

  16. I've never even got a screwdriver from Keyence. I feel ripped off.

  17. Really?? I've got the wee screwdrivers, the stylus/ball point pens, flash drives, various stationary.

  18. Sounds like a fan isnt balanced properly and is catching on whatever it's mounted to. It will eventually break itself. Get it exchanged asap.

  19. Suicide squirrel attack...common in I'm this town.

  20. If you want to stay off mass... Chop house on 6th st Old Chicago

  21. Mark Meer called me that when he signed my print... I may have made unmanly noises... On the inside...

  22. For real, Folks Rd from the posh house down and around that sharp bend to the roundabout at Monterey, on my drive to and from work I've seen so many deer meandering across the road, and hanging out on the verge.

  23. Get a dash cam, can't stress this enough, there's endless material, from people that can't roundabout, the lack of comprehension of the street that is Kentucky, the various parking lots that are designed by the local elementary schools, any two lane left turn, the folk that can't understand a 4-way stop with more than one lane (this includes some LKPD employees) . Near where I work I've seen bikers go around a bus stopped at a rail road track WITH THE CHOO CHOO IS COMING lights going.

  24. They need to do a piece in the paper about the roundabouts. Just get everyone on the same page.

  25. People go the wrong way around them... I feel there's some lost causes it there.

  26. Burger stand has lost its creativity, I kind of understand about quality issues what with the current price of everything,but I used to live going in there for the specials, there just isn't anything special about them anymore.

  27. Mee Goreng was my go to breakfast when I lived in Malaysia, I miss it so much!

  28. They are so gorgeous, and the yellow creamy doing sauce is next freaking level.

  29. Since its a low slope roof with a safety line, im guessing that's the safety monitor and its hard to tell how far back he is from the edge but it looks close to the 6ft the line requires.

  30. He's right at the edge guiding the forklift operator, not tied of at all

  31. Wrath was peak Wow, the scenery, the storyline, the game play, dungeons, the music, the professions(especially engineering), they managed to make fishing more pleasant, cooking became less of a chore. I'm really looking forward to the icecrown dungeons and raids.

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