1. But it makes perfect sense. The money goes from tax payers to the military industrial complex. If Gaza wasn't rebuilt how would you sell missiles to destroy it again?

  2. And then have US contractors rebuilding what was destroyed.

  3. Here are a few in no particular order; and some might not meet all of your criteria, but at least you can peruse the covers to see if they're interesting:

  4. Should I just try to earn under the TWP period limit then? I only want to try and work full time bc I feel like I’m going to be reviewed soon and they’ll say that I’m no longer disabled anyway. Would they accept a new diagnosis not related to the original approved disability? Or is the review only for the approved diagnosis and I would have to submit another application for a new type of disability

  5. I just had my review after 3 years, and being approved on the first application in 6 months like you, and while I have not heard back from the SSA regarding my status, I did tell them that I was worse than I was 2 years ago, listed my recent Dr appointments along with a mention of a new medical setback related to my previous various conditions.

  6. Are you using headphones or are your sounds to where others can hear them? Because hearing other's sounds, esp when coming from small speakers: phone/tablet/laptop, is a major trigger for me.

  7. I can sleep and lick my butthole all day and food magically appears when I bitch at a slave ten times my size.

  8. ten? how generous...although if I math this correctly, it works for me; probably not for most though :o

  9. The ability to use a computer all day. Been using computers for 40+ years and started working fulltime in tech in 1995.

  10. Have a local university near you? The ones near me are always having events/lectures, etc. They tend to attract the sexy nerd types as well. Oh, maybe find a local trivia nite at a bar or library. Pre COVID one of my libraries had a boozy trivia nite, which was awesome.

  11. I would never track where my kid is via their phone, that's an invasion of privacy. I would also never ask for a selfie to prove anything. The ex wife though...I could see that happening; hmm, maybe I can get the custody agreement modified to prevent this from happening.

  12. I'm blaming the capping of the US House at 435 members in 1913 as the problem. We're lacking representation compared to many other nations, and it's turned into nothing but a money game. Hey, didn't the personal income tax also get passed in 1913?

  13. I went into my local SSA office and was asking them various things about returning to work. They said if you're planning on making over the SGA limit in any given month, it is best to be part of the Ticket to Work program. As you mentioned, if you have a relapse or are unable to continue full time after 9 months, then your SSDI benefits are still there.

  14. Less of a society viewpoint, but The Echo Wife was a good read.

  15. I don't think it necessarily bombed but A Christmas Story had only modest success at the box office in 1983. Its popularity didn't really kick in until it was released on television.

  16. I had a phone date in 1986 with a girl where we were each watching at the same time :)

  17. Unless you are an exempt salaried worker, in which case you are paid on a yearly rate, so any extra time you work does not get paid for, and that's legal.

  18. Workers who are classified as direct generally do clock a timesheet. Indirect salary workers don't have to, but they're the exception, not the rule.

  19. Never in my 25 years of working as a salaried employee have I ever punched a timeclock, only when I was hourly was that a thing, and that only happened once during my professional career for less than 1 year.

  20. I started with 26gm darts, then switched to 21gm ones when I decided to throw more often. I now throw 20gm darts. Whatever flows the best for you.

  21. I got to my local office like a little more than 1 hour early and was 2nd in line. They only took like 3-4 people at a time since they had 1/2 the windows closed

  22. I'm a 50 year old disabled college student, I think I'll just protest.

  23. Kinda weird/sad when you'd like to go back to Regan era tax rate

  24. What are you drinking? Single? Broken? How many cats? What can I make you for dinner? :D

  25. I started with white wine and I've move on to tequila. :) I don't want to make myself sick though so not much more. :) I'm single (divorced). A bit broken but who isn't? I have zero cats since my son is allergic. I love salmon and I'd love someone else to cook for change.

  26. Bold move going from wine to tequila. Also in that divorced category; well, trying, she filed 4 1/2 years ago :/ So I may be a bit more broken than others, but I'm still here. Boo about the cats, my son loves ours. Salmon: poached, seared, baked, steamed? I'm not much of a desert guy, but I make popcorn on the stove before watching movies :)

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