1. Not rare at all and becoming increasingly common. Only happens with long term and high volume use of super high potency concentrates. My brother is a doctor in Denver and says that he sometimes sees 5-10 people a day with it. Not much they can do though so he just gives them some zofran and tells them to take hot showers. Apparently after a week or so you are totally fine

  2. Can near enough guarantee you that what they're experiencing isnt CHS. Doctors just see a daily everyday smoker that has problems with GI and it must be CHS. However it's not

  3. I think I believe a doctor over a random dude on reddit that doesn't want to believe thc can be bad for some

  4. When did I mention that thc can't be bad for some

  5. Nah I love my skin on acid same with MDMA. I remember I was rolling one night and the skin on my belly felt so good that I was just sitting squeezing it for ages. Woke up looking like I was attacked by a lion or some shit

  6. Literally trying it for the first time on the 16th :)

  7. It could be helpful but also couldn't be depends on the person. Imo if u haven't started don't

  8. Try microdosing shrooms ( capsules ) . It's such a wonderful thing 💖

  9. Exactly why it shouldn't be for everyone. More reasons to it as well

  10. How? You don't need that much to enjoy something so perfect 100 mgs without redosing is plenty especially if you're on other psychedelics who takes MDMA by itself anymore? I use MDMA to enhance my psychedelic experiences.

  11. Okay if u do that then well done but people don't just use M with psychedelics 😂 100mg of molly no matter how good the stuff is has always been so underwhelming

  12. Have you ever tried taking daily vitamins with MDMA? This drastically impacted the way I reacted to MDMA. It's so amazing and powerful you do know one dose is definitely going to release all your serotonin. It's so pointless redosing I used to do it when I was younger re dosing up to 300 mgs is why I can't do Molly for years. I'm grown up and want to get the best results that = healthy body healthy trip. Vitamins that really helped boost my MDMA experience are vitamin C, magnesium, alpha lipoic acid acetyl L-carnitine HCL, COQ10, 5HTP, grape seed extract, and green tea extract and melatonin. I candy flipped last weekend and had fun vaping some DMT and smoked some good cannabis. I found it quite bliss not needing to take insane amounts of molly I was happy with my capsule of 100 mg pure MDMA not to mention I yawned 🥱😪 at about 3 am I woke up feeling like a brand new human then I took those vitamins again upgrade indeed I love life I love entheogens.

  13. Yeah using supplements I find tends to weaken my roll so nah anything u just said I'm okay. And yeah u were happy with 100mg because u were on alot of other different substances but on its own 100mg really won't produce that many effects

  14. Sorta I've dropped knowing that I'm most likely going to have a bad time but never to intentionally have a bad trip

  15. Test kits are definitely not illegal where u are bud ahaha

  16. Ordering anything drug related online is illegal in Turkey. Even the test kits.

  17. Snoop doesn't even do concentrates, I could out smoke snoop. Blunts or not blunts. I mean, all good, it's not a fucking contest, but as far as potency?

  18. Willie Nelson don't smoke no more I think

  19. yea, but he's known to still cook up some mean batches. I would venture to guess, as time goes on, you want to deal with fewer and fewer younger people. I'd pretty much close up and retire somewhere nice off the grid and be done too eventually fr lol.

  20. Yeah sucks that his lungs gave up on him basically he loved the stuff and helped him medicinally in so many ways.

  21. I have plenty of crystal that tested positive…this was a freebie from a neighbor.

  22. Same I can't ever get stoned like that anymore

  23. I wouldnt smoke in the bedroom, theres no real way to mask the smell %100

  24. Weed helped my nausea with covid. Ginger is also good

  25. I used to not but in recent days after some serious abuse of the stuff, i get really vivid hallucinations of people, which usually results in a lot of muttering to nothing.

  26. Ik this is from a long time ago and u may not reply or see this but how are u doing now?

  27. How much water did u drink? U probably just didn't drink enough either that or ur tabs weren't pure

  28. I drank a bottle of water somewhere. what does it mean that my tabs weren't pure? I mean how to check it

  29. And btw bro vasoconstriction is a common effect of lsd possibility that's just what u experienced I've had many trips with the same good quality tabs that have caused me to have jaw clenching, headaches etc and other times with the same tabs it hasn't happened so I think it's very dependent on the person as well as they're health etc. For example if ur low on magnesium u will be more likely to experience bruxism

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