1. They are closed cause the city requires them to have a bathroom for handicapped individuals therefore they temporarily closed it to remodel.

  2. If I paid off the mortgage on my apartment I could live in one of the most expensive cities in America for less than $800 a month. I could probably collect cans and make that much money. Sure it mathematically is almost certainly not the right move to make but the psychological benefit of feeling like you don’t owe anyone anything, to some people, might be worth it.

  3. I’m clearly not a home owner, but you still have to pay the property tax for life right (even after you paid off your mortgage) ? and If you don’t, clearly they’ll try to take your home away from you right?

  4. Basically what it comes down to is, would you rather pay more tax today or less tax tomorrow.

  5. See I’m not following this logic because if you are taxed later, you are risking paying at a higher inflation in the future, right? It’s definitely going to be more than today.

  6. Loooove the pose. I’m sorry we need a part 2 of BT with monocle. Lol

  7. Step 1: own a paid off house bought 30 years ago in a state where property tax is only recalculated when the property is sold.

  8. I think this is a sign. I was literally just thinking “i wonder if I should take advantage of that video thing on Psychology Today?” 😂 and here you are!!!! Gaaaahh, I’m nervous already!

  9. I love that you said this cause I have to agree (for myself). I’ve been stalling from even opening a PT profile, and was thinking ohhhh I’ll just launch once I get my LLC up lol

  10. Wooohoo!!! Last time, 2 tubs of sangria later, I somehow ended up paying for some tarot card reading. Good times. I think I got good news, I couldn’t remember for the life of me.

  11. Do you mean cognitive or affective empathy? There’s

  12. I completely agree with your statement. OP’s view resonates with me and I’ve been in this field for 10 years and I definitely feel more invigorated for several years more with no burn out in the horizon. I have an endless list of colleagues who are highly empathetic and it’s becomes a detriment to themselves by not honoring their limits and let’s clients cross boundaries. I find their overly empathic selves to even become unethical on how they over extend themselves to their clients. It’s really frustrating to see.

  13. Wow that’s amazing! Your pup is the first I know to reach 18 years old, I’m truly in awe! So many good memories

  14. I know in schema this can be a maladaptive approach, because the person can start overcompensating in the opposite direction of their schema. For example, a self sacrificing schema might start putting themselves first and being a major doochebag about how they approach it

  15. Entering the paradox. There by walking the middle path of the two will you find the meaning of both dialectics. :)

  16. It would be interesting to talk to a SAG rep directly too. Or writers guild. I will have to add that to my to do list. I think another hurdle would be SW vs LPC vs PhD. There is a vested interest in keeping separation because of the small differences in reimbursement.

  17. I would love something like SAG. Where we maintain our independent status while also having access to collective bargaining and health benefits. I spoke to a union organizer about this last year. She wasn’t sure labor laws would allow it since many of us are so spread out in different companies. This is in CT though she suggested reaching out directly to different unions to get their thoughts. SEIU was the one she thought most appropriate. I never got that far as I became caught up in the work.

  18. I’ve had severals years as a SW with the SEIU on the EastCoast. They always got us raises and medical costs 100% covered. It’s active and they are great. I use to be in the teacher’s union and I never heard a peep from them. Some unions are more active than others and I think that says a lot on the quality of union.

  19. i’ve had kadee since i was 4 years old. when picking out a puppy, she jumped into my arms as if she chose me. she saw my first ever day of school and my last. she was there through everything. i’m so lucky we had so much time together but i’m heartbroken. she woke up yesterday not being able to breathe. after an emergency trip to the vet, they said there was nothing they could to. it was her time to go and we decided we didn’t want her to suffer. she was the best friend a girl could ask for. she was my soulmate and always will be. i wanted people to see my beautiful girl and send her your wishes. i know she’ll be waiting for me on the other side. i’m worried that wherever she is, if there is anywhere for her to go, that she’s not scared or as heartbroken as i am.

  20. The most dangerous part of the move is how much you're being scammed by going to NYU.

  21. You know I’ve been out of the loop with Sephora. I’ve just haven’t bought anything due to the hike in prices but you’re completely right. I’ve never heard of Spake NK and decided to check it out. High end items like Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Hollywood glow glide highlighter is $36.80 at Space NK and at Sephora it’s $48!! That’s insane!

  22. My buddy is paying $4k for a 600sqft studio. It’s a new building but still…wtf?? So I think that fact may check out. It’s mind-bottling

  23. Omg I missed this comment!! Might as well live in Manhattan with that price

  24. Yeah, Jersey city has gone nuts in rent, many places cost more than midtown Manhattan!

  25. Yeah I was talking to a Lyft driver who was taking someone to Jersey City residence and was paying 4K for rent. I was like whaaaat?

  26. Today will be the first time in months where I won't be driving home from work in the pitch black.

  27. 100% I'm in northern WA pretty close to the border and in the winter the sun starts suggesting to set at like 3:30

  28. There are some really good apps that have some great weight routines that could help as well. Also, plenty of good youtube videos on routine and weight amounts.

  29. Wow that packaging is gorgeous. I’m a sucker for purchasing things solely for the package 🫣

  30. I was quickly scrolling and caught your comment. I have to completely agree! I’m not even a fan of nude lipsticks but this packaging is gorgeous!!!

  31. Wow I’m a lurker on Reddit, but I have to stop and say this is quite impressive! I like all of them and I can see myself wear the 1st one!! So cute

  32. Yup my grandparents had 12 kids, mom and dad 4. Me 0 and don’t plan on having any lmao. I’m Mexican.

  33. Did they bust your chops for not having any? I’m having the hardest time right now

  34. My recommendation is not to come. US is in economic crisis, lots of lay offs, and we are coming closer to a recession (though I believe we are already in one)

  35. I love how you keep repeating this talking point. Stop defending something that steps on the work class.

  36. I interview well and also work my ass off. More than a decade in analyst roles and in a higher level position now. When I do "high level strategic planning" and use all the right buzz words in a PowerPoint, leaders get really excited. When I fix a problem that requires a lot of technical knowledge and capability, it's glossed over. I swear to God, if you're a knowledgeable worker and move up to this level, imposter syndrome is guaranteed. You just keep pumping out "communications" and the gallery cheers while you wonder WTF is going on?!?

  37. I think you hit spot on how I’m feeling now. I finally did what people have always told me “fake it till you make it” which I’ve ALWAYS hated. I start a new job this Monday and I’m super nervous. It’s also a 30% increase in salary from the last job. I interview well and used all buzz words and passed 4 interviews. I’m now gonna study my ass off.. and hope this imposter syndrome wears off. I’m just like argh there’s no where to vent about this feeling..

  38. They have some home visit med assistant jobs in my area, but it requires 5+ years experience. But, a lot of the home visits are done by nurses I believe.

  39. As someone who just got a physical for life insurance, I asked for her title and she was definitely a nurse. She mentioned that only nurses did that role. I’m curious if Lpn can do this role

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