1. The Russ hate feels odd. I swear it feels like he’s more hated than Tyreek Hill at times.

  2. I mean it’s not like Sherman wasn’t Russ teammate and didn’t have a better view of Russ and more access than other people.

  3. Terry Bradshaw used to order pizzas from a spot in Beverly Hills called Jacopo’s. Always a small pizza and salad for $9.96. He always gave the driver $10 and asked for change. When the prices went up to $10.17, which he was pissed about, he had exactly $10 and 17 cents for the driver. The drivers used to draw straws because everyone hated delivering to him.

  4. To answer your question, he’s more of a help defender than he is a switch guy like Gordon or Grant. In his best defensive season (2019) that was his role.

  5. How have the Nuggets not thought of this it’s a perfect fit

  6. Von ended Cam’s career as face of the league that day. He was just never the same after that. Hilarious 🤣

  7. I just don’t see Jalen Green accepting a secondary role like Jamal Murray. I agree with people saying they should run offence tru Sengun. What yall think?

  8. He also does not have the pick and roll ball handling/decision making to play that role

  9. Slightly different take...with different teams. But I'm a big Chiefs fan (live in KC). And people will either say that we are the WORST most OBNOXIOUS fans in all of the NFL. Or they'll say how nice and inviting and friendly we are. Just makes me wonder how so many people are having such different experiences.

  10. I think online fans are annoying as a majority but your stadium fans have a great reputation

  11. Seahawks fan who comes in peace. I was stalking the sub looking for opinions on Sean Desai who is reported to have interview for the D coordinator position and saw this. I thought I'd chime in with some thoughts.

  12. idk shit about the nfl because its for neanderthals but damn dpoy as a rookie is impressive

  13. No it's rookie dpoy lmfao, not sure if he has won it but I think he has it on lock

  14. We need him to fight Jokic in the playoffs

  15. I wish RW would just stay quiet. He lost a lot of credibility last year.

  16. Nick Underhill is the best local analyst for the Saints, and he just said it's a big loss and Zach is one of the smartest people in the building.

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