1. Gonna sound nerdy here, but what kind of trees are those??

  2. That bezel looks awesome dude. Where did you get it?

  3. Not currently secured it. But was looking for my first and this one jumps out. I like the style and the colours. Bezel is great, much better than the standard imo.

  4. Location. I knew which area I wanted before I started looking. I found nicer, cheaper houses all over the place but they didn't fit my location requirements.

  5. Fully disassemble, fully strip any current finish, sand appropriately do the wood can sufficently accept new finish, correct any blemish/damage in the wood and then refinish.

  6. The job market demand is high for C# as the availability is low. The most used one is Java and the least is Python.

  7. Well as part of my course I am learning C currently so I will add C# to my list.

  8. I know right... I knew they were dragging their feet. Had no idea it was for something as stupid as this!

  9. Oh hell no. Cash isn't going anywhere near them until they fuck off.

  10. I was going to buy a larger property with a mortgage. But I am a single guy and I don't need so much space.

  11. You are only allowed to own firearms of an obsolete calibre, but only so long as you don't intend to fire them. Just because the are obsolete, doesn't mean its impossible to make ammo.

  12. I believe in some parts of India and Pakistan. Especially in police forces.

  13. I grabbed a buy it now t480 for $260 last week. he had it listed for $319. came with an i7-8650U, 512GB ssd, 32GB ram, nvidia mx150, finger print, 1920x1080 panel and a 61++ external battery. it was mint except for a missing rubber feet. the batteries are 72%(internal) 79%(external) in terms of health. he had a few of them with similar specs listed but I checked yesterday and they're all gone. he still has some t480s' though.

  14. Yea you Americans seem to get way better prices than us.

  15. Ha.. Over priced and a few thousand miles too far.

  16. Is there any particular reason you asked instead of simply using Google?

  17. Is there any reason you never developed a sense of humour?

  18. Roach clip... Weak. What ever happened to a good old Stinging Roger!

  19. Is that when the old heads would straighten a paperclip and roll it into the paper so you could hold the roach by the other end of it?

  20. Ahh yes a dehumidifier is a great call.

  21. Ahh Yea! I forgot tools. Need a new bit set. Cheers.

  22. 30, full time Software Tester. Currently learning a few programming languages in my free time. Totally possible.

  23. The tactical JBL speaker is actually automation of a

  24. Tell them everything. The past matters but it isn't a black mark for life. If they can see proof that is no longer who you are, then they will likely grant you a licence. But 100% honesty is the only way forward.

  25. I can only recommend ThinkPads. Go to ebay and look for anything between a T430 and T460 with an FHD screen. These are all IPS. The higher the second number (eg 3 for T430), the newer the CPU (ie 3rd gen). Up to the T470, all CPUs are 2 core, so makes no difference if it's i5 or i7.

  26. Still searching. Lack of T480s around my area. Would this be suitable instead

  27. There are L380 for under £80 on ebay as we speak. Don't expect much for condition, but they're there.

  28. Again thanks for the advice. Just so much to choose from out there!

  29. Not sure we have Craigslist in the UK. But I was actually after a model number suggestion, not a place to look.

  30. I used to live in Normandy. Houses there were stupid cheap, the further inland the less you pay. Cost of living was also decent. Quality of life was amazing.

  31. Yeah I'm looking at the pulsar axion 2 xq35 lrf about 1800 but obviously that's with 20% vat can get back with business, so about 1500 😬 my shotguns are only about 700 pound each

  32. That would also be a good option. Large enough diameter to give you a clear long range pic.

  33. Protect yourself from any isda bank, any bank runs happen on these banks consider your money gone.

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