1. First time hearing that Evangelion is banned

  2. It's obviously not really enforceable. This way it just can't be shown on public channels or Russian-hosted websites.

  3. Hvis datter, Lange Grethes søn Frederik Frømand nu er vores konge.

  4. All the “Jesus was black” people need to see this guy

  5. No, you know just as well as I do she was trying to go back to being friends. If you reciprocate that behavior you'll be "friends" before you know it. It leads to a very disingenuous and unhealthy relationship.

  6. Counterpoint, unreciprocated feelings are a fact of life not unlike grief following a loss. An emotionally stable person with a modecom of self regulation should be able to process rejection by a coworker, come to terms with their own feelings and find a way to form an genuine platonic relationship. Blanking someone to avoid dealing with unreciprocated feelings isn't moving on healthily it's just taking your ball and going home. You'll end up putting yourself in a permanent state of pining preventing you from being able to comfortably coexist in the same workspace.

  7. But anon clearly doesn’t want to be in a friendship that’s sexually frustrating to him? There’s nothing noble or mature about permanently enduring negative feelings just so someone else can have their way non-professionally.

  8. “A bunch of cool futurist technologies”, I’m not expecting an IPO invitation anytime soon

  9. "futurist technologies" is a more digestible way to label a bunch needlessly complicated biology terms :)

  10. Anything more than that, which you are willing to go into detail about publicly? I’m a later-year medical student, so please don’t dumb it down for my own sake.

  11. I would rather kill myself than live under the danes again

  12. Lmao I bet you write in Bokmål

  13. Probably lower. You need some evidence of your ability and people to vouch for you, both those is what school is for in hiring

  14. Also, OP should know that many universities traditionally offer PhDs-by-publication, so it is entirely possible to be a PhD with otherwise no formal education, and many are in fact just that. (Though usually most such PhDs that I can think of have at least a bachelor’s degree)

  15. Looks a lot like holy water that Orthodox churches will often distribute and sell

  16. Because the stereotypes are incorrect. I’m not going off of the stereotype description for my observation, it comes from understanding the functions and witnessing the types in person.

  17. What do internal monologuing and aphantasia have to do with personality traits, exactly?

  18. Bruh that bike is NOT going the speed limit

  19. Or they will become a really good racer and competing against others in a race

  20. Perhaps, but that kid barely even fits on that bike yet!

  21. My mind gets productive but my body gets lazy/slow af... I feel like I have ADHD x1000. For example, I get excited and decide to cook a new recipe, I take 3 times longer than normal, I keep forgetting what I'm doing, I need to check the recipe 100 times, the kitchen becomes a war zone, etc...

  22. This is the thing. I have more motivation, but chores take twice or even thrice the time to do. You don’t just “clean up quick”

  23. Upwards nod = close friend or acquaintance. Using this with a stranger will cause confusion.

  24. Russian military, specifically

  25. They're not squishy worms, they're kind of stiff like a piece of wire.

  26. I got that impression too from the video, but brother are you saying you willingly touched one of these? 🤢

  27. This is laughably false. US Soldiers were trained in COIN Ops throughout the Vietnam war and beforehand. It was never direct military failure that forced the US to withdraw and lose the war but rather indirect military failure through the loss of support back in the US for the war.

  28. It should be added that while they were losing, they were still never anywhere near the cusp of defeat. In fact, US had so many setbacks related to the South too that that impeded their progress just as much.

  29. It means street tabs are on average 80ug not the 100, 200, 250 they are often sold as.

  30. “It’s either acid or it’s not” mfs when they pay bank for 250ug tabs that are actually 50ug

  31. I've heard Xanax is a great trip killer but I'm a big Xanax hater so idk

  32. Any benzo will do. Also your sentence is like saying you’re a big cheddar cheese hater. Like, sure man, but it’s still just cheese, it’s not that different from brand to brand.

  33. My drug consumption over the years does not appear to have had a negative impact on my IQ test scores, quite to the contrary. When I first took a Mensa test as a child I got 132. Later as a young man when I went to mandatory conscription in my country, I tested around 135, and this was deep into being a daily stoner. The latter occasion seemed a lot more formal and rigorous too, as you’d expect of military standards, so I don’t think there was anything wrong with either of the tests.

  34. It's not about what you gained, it's about the opportunity lost, maybe you could've been a 140 if you hadn't cause your brain would've developed more.

  35. Lmao, mayhaps, but I doubt it

  36. How could he possibly have made it less racist? It’s literally as inclusive as it’s going to be.

  37. Inclusive means everyone. Would have to include everyone in the world to be inclusive.

  38. I think we have different definitions of racism my friend

  39. Yeah but I’m not sure everyone gets it

  40. I use Udio for songs with swearing. Result is almost indistinguishable

  41. I hate that my first thought wasn’t the cutesy interpretation, but the grooming interpretation

  42. If you look at it Neoplatonistically, God must necessarily come out of “nothingness”, at least the way the concept is defined in Neoplatonism.

  43. Great move. Diversification is the key to supply chain success.

  44. I agree, but brother, which Dilbert strip did you come out of? 💀

  45. Mongolia is also the last landlocked democracy left east of the Caucasus. Pretty based, given their location.

  46. Bhutan is an absolute monarchy. Also calling Nepal a democracy is a bit stretchy.

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