1. Legit one of my favorite iterations of Death ever, man deserves some recognition.

  2. Denji himself couldn't survive a nuke, but devil's are kind of immortal, so even if they die they can come back after they stay in hell for a while. So no denji couldn't survive a nuke, and the chainsaw devil also probably can't survive a nuke but it doesn't really matter because he'll just come back after he stays in hell for a while.

  3. Supermen haa one of the strongest narratives in fiction,and Alternity having resisting plot manipulation just means his narrative transcends that of the plot manipulator's.Dc cosmology is also way bigger then Transformers cosmology.

  4. He is basically the most Strongest Power Ranger plus he destroyed the Morphing Grid which is beyond the multiverse

  5. Goku dying from a cough wouldn't be too far fetched. I mean he's canonically died of heart disease, so what's one more bodily function doing the same

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