GameStop Announces Election of Ryan Cohen as Executive Chairman

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  1. Just Niagara College. Although lots of programs are online/partly online at other Southern Ontario Unis so maybe shop around. Niagara Falls is allegedly opening a Niagara University for programming and tech in the next couple of yrs but I'll believe it when I see them breaking ground.

  2. And lack of reconciliation. Both sides get further apart.

  3. Looks like Calgary's got a good solution for the financial side:

  4. Not looking forward to the day mine bites the dust. Been with LG since my Rumour2 lol. I still have my V20 running as backup.

  5. Root vegetables need to be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place.

  6. Fruits/veg produce ethylene not methane. If it's producing methane it's rotting.

  7. The “Kenny lied" meme is indeed a cringe one, because anybody that takes a look at it can quickly see that he did not lie. There is a reason the house financial services committee did not refer him for investigation of perjury.

  8. Pretty sure he lied under oath and there was evidence of his correspondence messages with RobinHood to shutoff the buy button.

  9. Fucking Spicey; guess I'll hold. MOASS always tomorrow.

  10. Just remember, GME is the only play. Never happening again .

  11. Gotta treat the chronic pain problem. Imo that's where a lot of mental health, drug addiction, and general strife stem from.

  12. He helps writes the laws, knows what policies are coming etc. This gives him a massive competitive edge in certain markets.

  13. I’d start with the Indian Landrace Exchange. Ace seeds offers affordable lines; in many cases they already put in some work selecting against the least desirable traits, or hybridizing for the same reasons.

  14. Second this. Their Instagram page is also very informative, seem like good ppl. I've gained a lot of knowledge from them.

  15. This is the correct answer. I would also like to point out that plants have evolved for millions of years growing from organic matter, it is only within the last hundred years or so that we have started making pure nutrient salts to feed our plants

  16. Really only since the 60s that it was done widespread. All of our modern crops have been bred around HATS (high affinity transport system, salts) instead of LATS (Low affinity transport system, organics/naturally occuring minerals.)

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