1. It doesn't really make sense and probably is cut off in the middle.

  2. I read this text off of a hot topic shirt and it confused me as well. I'm assuming they thought nobody would actually be able to read it

  3. Junji's name is made up of two Kanji from the Japanese language. First, the kanji 殉 (Jun) which means martyr, used in the phrase 殉じる (Junjiru) which means to sacrifice oneself as a martyr for the cause. matching the cards description/ability, and second 至 (Ji) which is a kanji that functions as a filler to make the name sound similar to the japanese phrase mentioned earlier, which makes it's name sound super cool reading it from a Japanese perspective

  4. rip to all of Charamells’ beautiful art (they deactivated all of their social media accounts) 😔😔

  5. What no way D: i've been a long time fan wth

  6. I also poated this on soundcloud if you wanna support me there and hear some more of my stuff :)

  7. Sorry to nit-pick, but I had a close friend with BPD who did not have anger outbursts to manipulate people or cut herself for attention. There are plenty of people with BPD who don’t fit the stereotypes that therapists still, unfortunately, have about them. She did have ups and downs that were triggered by her environment, whereas mine are much longer and are more random.

  8. Thank you for the info, I was just repeating what they said to me. And I'm only 17 so personality disorders can't really be fully diagnosed at this age, or so they said. Thank you for your kind words :)

  9. Don't act like y'all aren't just gonna pirate it anyways 🤷‍♂️

  10. Made me cry. I'm very sensitive lately lol

  11. Thanks for fulfilling one of my bucket list achievements :)

  12. I’m saving this video because it seriously calmed and soothes me, and as someone with anxiety I REALLY appreciated it. That was absolutely lovely. Thank you for sharing this video.

  13. You're very welcome, I felt the exact same way writing it :) I was planning on posting it on


  15. I don't see the resemblance 😅 I can't find any 13 year old photos of the fellow so who knows haha

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