1. Thanks! Yea we got lucky with the rains this year. 😆

  2. Totally! They’re growing up around a paparazzi crowd. Haha

  3. Oh thank you! You should like the latest one then too ;o) Just posted.

  4. Beautiful!!!! Love the down still on him/ her!!! 😍 Thx for sharing with us😃

  5. Me too! Saw it shaking a little off and pulling some out too. So cute.

  6. Follow my social accounts linked in my profile to stay up to date on these little guys!

  7. Seriously haha. Local paparazzi following em around so…😆

  8. I got linked here from PetaPixel. What an astonishing shot. Superb! And now I have a new subreddit and reddit user to follow.

  9. this sex positzsh is probably insane , - - ALL that increased blood flow to her head . make he'd spin and scream. woof

  10. i would be very worried with this look while trying to eat any food

  11. Thank you! They really are just raw hunting machines. Truly elite predators.

  12. Follow me on Instagram for more pics and video of these local cuties! Same account name. =o)

  13. hahah it does look like a lot of raptors are wearing pants, doesn't it!

  14. Honestly it’s great. Just be careful of the highlights that got lost on her hand, but I think if you just crop it a little tighter then you’re 90% of the way there with what you have. Really nice use of the sunlight.

  15. Hah! Wonder if this might be a good one for photoshop battles?

  16. Oh the yearning to move to a mountain, shelter in a hollowed out tree, live off the land, and befriend a falcon who hunts for me and spies intruders before they can see me.

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