Dr. Shore's Phase 2 Study Results Are Out: Reversing Synchronized Brain Circuits Using Auditory-Somatosensory Stimulation

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  1. It may be worth talking to your Dr about this. There's a condition called occipital neuralgia that has similar symptoms and T is part of the package. I'm being treated for it with gabapentin and the T has moved largely into the background. A trained neurologist or pain management specialist can recreate the pain and T with an exam to see if you have it.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, i think i might honestly have that lol, should i ask docs to give me an MRI for occipital neuralagia? or like i should just ask them to test me for it?

  3. ON isn't always detectible in a brain MRI, but a cervical spine MRI can yield more clues. Start with your PCP, or if you have a PPO plan and can see a neurologist without a referral, go that route. It's best to just explain your symptoms and not tell them what you think you have. Unfortunately a lot of Drs deal with patients who have already decided what they have and just agree with the patient because they think the issue is psychosomatic. Give them the chance to do the detective work and just be honest with them. Otherwise it could just be some inflammation and another treatment may not work as well if you don't get that ON diagnosis, it could cause stress and anxiety that they don't believe you, are passing you off, etc. Have an open mind about it and go with the flow. It's a situation that takes a lot of crossing things off the list to diagnose.

  4. thing is tho its gotta be that occipital neuralgia,

  5. i MISS this feeling as well, it truly fucking sucks

  6. I think its said taht 80% of people have somatic tinnitus, so its quite a large majority and i think dr susan shore device could help non somatic as well? but they just excluded it since it didnt particrurarly work for them or smth?

  7. If you have tinnitus and are reading this, I have a technique you can try that can temporarily (but noticeably) reduce its effects.

  8. You know what, i just tried that for like 10 seconds of tapping at back of head, and i think it has actually made it quieter for a bit, nice

  9. People on Tinnitus Talk excited too!!!! :)

  10. I hope its not as expensive as that lenire bull shit tho, like dr susan shore device i think is more legit than lenire and so i hope its not like expensive or smht

  11. idk apparently susan device is more legit than that lenire bozo shit, so im hoping it will be cheaper and MORE LEGIT.

  12. trust me, when u initially get tinnitus its always loud and bothersome, but after a while either tinnitus gets quieter or u get used to it, otherwise u just have to wait for treatment for tinintus like dr susan shore device or neuralink.

  13. You are probably tightening and loosing the bearings . Take the wheel out and set the bearings so there is a little play. You will need thin wrenches called cone wrenches. Bearings have two components, a cone and a lock nut. The cone has small flats that require the cone wrenches. Turn the cone until the play is right and tighten the lockout against it.

  14. Alr thank you, i do have some thin and flat wrenches so i guess they will do!

  15. I’m extremely small. 19M, 6’2”, 122 pounds. I also have a little kyphosis/ scoliosis. Somebody mentioned posture and that makes a shit Ton of sense tbh

  16. im of similair age, we really unlucky with the tinnitus huh lmao,

  17. Yeah if I lean my neck to the left or right then my left ears tinnitus kind of enhances

  18. yep same here, the only thing that helps with the tinnitus, is keeping a good straight neck posture, other than that i will just be hoping dr susan shore device helps to treat tinnitus and comes out soon, or Neuralink.

  19. Ice balls exist in poland but not the same one like in the picture. They in Can.

  20. MHmm interesting, ive never seen the ice balls in cans before but that looks cool i guess loll

  21. Does poland not have free healthcare? why does he have to raise money to get prosthetics

  22. Do you wear earplugs near construction sites, Or do you have any hearing loss besides?

  23. i rarely am near construction sites, no hearing loss as far as i know, id say my hearings good, but i just have tinnitus and hyperacusis for unkown reason really idk

  24. well ive had hypearcussis for 3+ years and it doesnt go away, its always there but it does change in its intensity, sometimes worse or better lol

  25. i also have the same, Tinnitus and hyperacusis. Im looking forward to dr susan shore treatment and neuralink.

  26. How would neuralink cure tinnitus? Is that even on the table at the moment? Tinnitus is caused by damaged hairs in the ear, right? Doesn't this and all foreseeable iterations of nueralink just read and interpret brain signals? How can it stop the misfiring ear cells causing the tinnitus?

  27. Well because id imagine it would fire signals into the audtiory region of the brain that cancel out the tinnitus noise, and also it could maybe even read the tinnitus noises from the brain and cancel that out, or smth like that.

  28. Interesting, thanks for the reply!

  29. elon has stated neuralink could cure alzheimers, dementia, depression all of which in my opinion would be harder to cure than tinnitus, so i have higher hopes of it curing tinnitus than the likes of the more complicated diseases lol

  30. THE only ON GOING RESEARCH would be DR susan shore device.

  31. GOD TURKEY, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YALL DOING!??!? stop. voting. erdagon.

  32. Yess!!!!, ur tinnitus is also neck related probably as mine is.

  33. god i love how patient he is with this dumb self-centered, pedophile accusing coconut

  34. there might be no found connection, but i do believe thats it cant be just a concidence that i started having eye floaters FOREVER!! after i also got tinnitus, i believe theres probably a connection between the two, maybe its coz of my forward head posture that caused both of the problem!

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