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  1. u can get a sleeve for 20-30$, apple might have stuff also so check with them

  2. I know i can get one for that price but looking for reccomendations

  3. Thule 13.3 Inch MacBook Air case - not the plastic one. I’m talking about a zip up case for the whole laptop. Do not use a plastic hard shell case or keyboard/camera covers, not unless you wanna crack the screen.

  4. This one ? Thule Subterra MacBook Sleeve 13", czarny, 36,0 x 6,0 x 25 cm

  5. I never play jungle, top udyr has brought me back up there after only playing zeri recent times. He's def strong. Eventually you proxy/counterjungle/1v2/herald and win that way. Ghost flash, ghost tp, or ghost ignite all work depending on matchups. You're huge after sunfire, and another big spike with demonic. Flanking with ghost late game usually the way to go instead of head on as long as your team can walk at them.

  6. Try divine with R obv its my favourite udyr item rn

  7. I’ll add that I’m not very experienced, all I did was to hack some games with cheat engine or use cheat tables but I never saw hidden values like that it was either finding values and hacking or changing the values just changed the visible element and it came back to normal after some time or reload but in this game literally nothing

  8. Link me the website, I cant find it. I found it on STEAM tho, but not on a browser. LMK and ill see if I can dive into it and show you how I personally find values.

  9. It is on steam but try pressing f12 or f5 in the game it is browser how about we add each other on discord ?

  10. The new tiger literally feels like worse r that doesn’t even scale with ad properly when awakened, is boring and feels rly bad phoenix is 10x better

  11. yes if any big updates or events happen I will obviously be announcing it

  12. Game should allow people to demote...

  13. Yeah because u couldnt demote to test shit builds and troll ones I played ranked in d4 instead of normals

  14. Check out NRK. It has television, radio, and news services that can be accessed internationally on browsers and mobile apps. The television works as a streaming service (and is FREE) with norsk subtitles with many choices. I don’t know if any program on there even offers English subtitles, I don’t think so at least, but there is value in picking up what certain words and phrases mean through a visual context nonetheless - and there is fun in those discoveries as well!

  15. I wanted to try SKAM on NRK but it says to watch it I need to confirm I live in Norway by confirming with bank what do I do?

  16. yeah just started watching hope it will be good

  17. i would say some micro mechanics are gone, like double dot or double phoenix, or managing your 4 hit passives from stances, or managing phoenix aoe cone damage

  18. i will miss having no mana playing top but being to greedy to go back and just being turtle all the time farming and healing xD

  19. voli rework was amazing, heimer rework was amazing, fiddle rewordk, mundo rework, all of them are good, and udyr looks amazing too

  20. gameplay vise voli was amazing yes but mundo was meh fiddle was much more fun before imo but visually all were good

  21. I really wish you could gift shards to friends, even if limited like or gift per month or something

  22. or trade ultimate skins shards for skin for the same champion that you dont have

  23. GIVE PLEASE!!! Riot keeps giving my friends the spirit guard udyr skin but not the only udyr main in the group.

  24. im the only main in the group and I get all the spirit guards in my group ;)

  25. Place index finger or thumb on spine for a spacer/steady angle. Handle should be 45deg to stone. More blade on stone is more stable. Handle hand is only for keeping angle, not pressure.

  26. I’ve seen all of these expect last one So I can see the burr when lights reflects of the edge if I understand correctly

  27. Seeing glints. 1x30 belt sharpening; 120, 220, 600, 3 micron diamond on felt.

  28. I will try third one today and see if it works for me thanks

  29. A cat with label kodikot underneath pls

  30. Just found this i was using beta till this moment thanks for updated app

  31. This guy has the same problem as you do so I guess it’s problem with elden ring optimalization

  32. Then it might be the problem i’ll check mine cpu when I get home cuz it is either your cpu problem or elden ring problem

  33. Dunno what build your using but the stomp can be jumped over... or blocked.

  34. How do I jump it over when the animation is so fast there is no time to do anything and also first rule of playing games for me is never touch shields so I never block

  35. I could be mistaken but I could have sworn he had a little tel before the earthquake stomp. But yea that tail is nasty, especially the first time he does the double swipe with a longer range.

  36. Back then my build was full strength and the biggest club I could find

  37. I’m rolling Uchigatana+12 with hoarfrost stomp at the moment. It’s pretty sweet. Browsing threads for better options though.

  38. The best one that worked for me was just the icerind hatchet couldnt get more dmg with any weapon

  39. Oh I am sorry, I am so deep into my int-build that I misread your question! I am pretty sure there must be buffable A-scaling weapons… I am using rogier‘s rapier and it‘s already at a b scaling and it‘s buffable, so what you‘re looking for should exist no doubt

  40. I want to test what would be max damage of hoarfrost stomp and if it even can be buffed that much

  41. Like legit, if I had such walls I'd break em quite a few times by now, and I mean a hole big enough for me to fit thrue

  42. Right now Im using dual greatswords but back then I just one handed the greatsword since I was mostly using incantations at the time.

  43. what are those weapons in second hand i see them in ur every build but no idea what they are

  44. It's typically better to run two sticks as opposed to four.

  45. so would it be good if i took out one 4gb and left 4gb and 16gb sticks?

  46. I would like to get the third one, but it feels impossible without the second one, that for me seems impossible without someone who oblige me so i think im gonna need the first one or i could just pick the fourth and end it faster

  47. If u get first one you can either jump to four or get second ( since In army it’s easy ) which will make you get third one so first one is OP

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