1. I would definitely choose the root beer GMT Master. That is not settling. It’s just choosing a different colour. That watch it super nice. I say jump on that. Beautiful

  2. What makes it a cosmograph instead of a chronograph?

  3. I think it was the one girls boyfriend who she was “working things out with” and “we have a dog together” in my thorough thought her friends got into his business and threatened his life with his perfect girl. I can completely understand the mindset of the jealous buster who lucked out with the same comfort zone cheerleader girlfriend since kindygarden. Loved by her parents (BORING SAYS HER) she wanted anybody else but guilt kept her letting him back. Also needing to appease her parents who LOVE hime so much the swear he wouldn’t have had anything to do with it. If I am wrong whatever them I’ve been wrong before. But I can see how this could happen.

  4. Speidel is alive and well! They may even be receptive if you reach out to them

  5. Very practical pick by your grandad. Geezers always packing the smartest gadgets.

  6. Ok I found it. It was on the wheel. It looked like it was part of it. The other one was a silver colour wheel and brass/gold colour washer. This one is gold colour wheel and washer. Thanks everyone.

  7. I think its the hour wheel, certainly the movement is missing one. It goes in the middle, on top of the cannon pinion that you can see sticking up. I think it is the wrong way up in the photo, there should be an obvious pinion in the middle for the hour hand to sit on.

  8. Thank You so much. I have a couple I am working on and one has the paper thin curved washer. The other does not. The movement that has the washer is a manual wind. The 2824 looks like the hour hand gear has a taper on it. Maybe the 2824 does not need the curved washer due to that design? I really appreciate your comment. Thank You

  9. For me, toss it. Find a watch with gears of metal! SWISS BABY!

  10. At least Seiko don't use plastic escapements like the Swiss do ;)

  11. And I am not trying to be disrespectful towards Seiko or anyone who make beautiful watches out of plastic.

  12. Plastic sucks period. No room for it on a nice watch. Maybe MAYBE as a gasket for a Crystal or back seal or pushers or crown seal. Sure there are exceptions but ultimately I feels cheap and yucky.

  13. No he looks like the undead. Definitely a vampire hamster.

  14. It helps rationalise the purchase. I like to invest in tools. I can use them to make things to sell for money or fix things myself that would save me or others money. Tools! A great investment.

  15. Hell yes they are. Good question. Answer is yes. Pioneers !

  16. I won’t lie, if that happened to my son, I’d probably kill myself. Not something I’d ever recover from.

  17. if you seriously want to do it buy some digital calipers and maybe some fine pin guages and buy the movement you want. measure your existing movement, case, movement stabilizing bit, hands, etc. in every meaningful way you can think of and see how it compares to the new. you will learn so much about how possible your project is and what kinds of changes you need to make in order to make it work and there you can decide if you care about the project enough to carry it out.

  18. Heard. I appreciate Hondas. Sometime things can be so well made they are just boring. I appreciate things that are built well. Not a huge Harley Davison fan. I appreciate what they are. I am super green to this and what little knowledge I have is not with quartz movements. Thank you for the advice. Yea I have measurement tools. My micrometer hasn’t been used in more over 10’years and it seems it has died. Need to send it back to blue point and ask them what I can do to get it fixed.

  19. I can understand that, not all quartz movements are created equal that's for sure, I happen to own samples of both ends of the spectrum (Grand Seiko 9F Quartz and a GShock 5600BB). However, for the most part these movements truly last for decades, and when they go bad, it's a 5$ replacement. Having my 9F serviced for example, it's close to 200$ lol.

  20. Yes and I agree. I see nice quartz movements with metal gears that are beautiful looking with jewels and serviceable. 60’s-70’s watches my fav.

  21. Awesome, I am looking forward to seeing how you progress with the repairs.

  22. any surprise lessons ? does the lume still work? how did you come by the watch?

  23. This was an eBay auction score. I couldn’t see a place to let the spring down. Only a tiny click that seems loose. As I wiggled on the auto winding mechanism that the oscillating weight was connected to I heard and felt it unwind. I pooped out the acrylic and sanded it down and got it looking new with some good old poly watch. It was the king just fine so I am confident it will be even better after she gets some love and lube $100 suction win. The only other one like it I could find on eBay was $350. I feel like I got a good deal.

  24. Is one dip good for a hair spring ? Swish round a bit?

  25. If you’re ordering a generic one also make sure that you order one with matching end type, for Cousins types convention see

  26. As a hobbiest... Looking at this really makes me appreciate incabloc and antichoc.

  27. Yup. Story of my life. Till I have a day to get into it.lol

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