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  1. Wait, it's "allegedly" now? The guy literally admitted to it.

  2. Legally, not using the term "alleged" opens them up to lawsuits, since he is legally innocent until proven guilty in court.

  3. Eh, seems like a lame excuse to me, debating is about the people, feel like audiences should be allowed.

  4. Debating is about the issues. Debating with an audience is about getting applause. Didn't you see the 2020 and 2016 Presidential debates? There was as much audience participation as a sitcom.

  5. Just a different opinion, maybe I’m old school. I like the audience, think it makes the candidates have more action seeing them instead of just speaking through a screen.

  6. Unfortunately, the audience is new-school and don't adhere to the rule requiring silence from them. If they could, I would absolutely agree having an audience is fine.

  7. No one in history has ever trusted their government. How many wars and revolutions have been fought in history to gain freedom from a tyrannical government?

  8. Flashbacks of the early 2000s here since that’s the last time I handled music as loose files.

  9. I still do that because I hate the idea of my rights to digital media, which I paid for, able to be revoked at a whim. Pretty much the only non-physical digital media I own are games that require online connections anyway.

  10. And that is why when the time comes and we all face the final judgment, He will look at what each of us did for love of God and his fellow man not what he was forced to do or professed others should do.

  11. You consider yourself an ally of the poor? Get a job and use the money you make to help them out.

  12. No its a scientific fact, its your opinion that its an opinion, and facts dont care about your opinion either.

  13. No, a scientific fact is something like "red is the best color." That's a provable fact, not an opinion. /s

  14. Scientists have studied Transgenderism and body dysmorphia for centuries, just because you wanna stick your head in the ground doesnt make it any less true mate.

  15. Scientists have also studied black holes and dark matter. We refer to their conclusions on those topics as beliefs and theories, not facts.

  16. anw says:

    aren't those codes used mostly to ensure there isn't an accidental activation rather than the security?

  17. "How many Romulan systems are in this sector?"

  18. We trained our users well. When they say it is high priority or needs to be accomplished asap it does. They don't cry wolf. It really is very helpful when you put the time into training them to know the difference. FYI we get maybe one high priority every two weeks. Only a few times a month. Like i said, they are a good bunch.

  19. I think that's less about training and more about emotional maturity. Emotionally mature people realize that they're not the only person on the planet, that other people are busy too, and that their mild inconveniences are not as urgent as some others' problems. These beliefs extend to their entire lives, not just their work IT issues.

  20. Nobody should be surprised by this move. Google has always nerfed Chrome to protect their own self interests. Like their crack down on YouTube downloaders.

  21. As much as I hate it, it makes perfect sense. Google's main business is advertising, so for it to allow adblockers on its own web browser is shooting itself in the foot a bit.

  22. You're probably right: most people who care enough to install adblockers in the first place will also care enough to migrate to Firefox.

  23. You're conflating the colonies with the United States.

  24. The colonies were the foundation of the United States. You're moving the goalposts.

  25. The Declaration of Independence is literally the foundation of America.

  26. Which only was able to happen thanks to the open borders that led to the colonies being created in the first place.

  27. There are all sorts of reasons to change your sheets. I’ve had cats climb in the window and rip them up, and one time a guy who was staying with me took a poop in the bed and then tried to convince me that I had done it

  28. If those are your experiences on the topic of sheets, I can only imagine what the rest of your autobiography would be like.

  29. I went to a school like this in the inner city surrounded by projects. It was one of the prettiest, well maintained and resourced schools I'd ever been to (I went to three highschools, 1 suburban, 1 private boarding and the hood school). I really enjoyed my time in the hood school. There were lots of scholarships and authentic people who were just trying to make it out. I remember one girl who grew up with nothing, scored perfect on her SAT and got a ticket out, wondering what happened to her. Another eventually got their PhD in mathematics. Such a great school and set of teachers.

  30. I’m sick of having this argument. Does it really matter which end of the political spectrum an extremist group is on? Political extremists are dangerous regardless of their particular flavor.

  31. No, it doesn't. The true enemy is authoritarianism and totalitarianism in all its forms.

  32. Lol, that’s a connected meter so can be read remotely and managed remotely…

  33. These high-tech meters are the bees knees

  34. Does wasp spray have a similar effect as brake cleaner?

  35. No; there are no rules anywhere that state anything like "if you're a member of x sub, you can't comment in y sub, especially not if a lot of other x subbers are commenting."

  36. If it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck.

  37. There are lots of birds that look like ducks but aren't ducks.

  38. No matter what the situation is once you start making shitty online comics about it… you’re an incel

  39. The difference between an incel and everyone else dealing with heartbreak, is that incels feel like their feelings are dismissed by the rest of society.

  40. If you broaden the definition of "Nazi" enough, yes.

  41. Did any of yall see the link where the story comes from? It's a known satire site

  42. I don't know what you're talking about; Babylon Bee is the most trusted name in news.

  43. She's trying to say that she thinks if Republicans win, Republicans will start a civil war. Everyone is misinterpreting the tweet.

  44. It was probably less about race and more about nationality. Trump supporters are notorious for seeing China as an enemy to America. So naturally, they'd be more likely to want to deport a citizen of an enemy state.

  45. "DeSantis funds ritzy getaway and lavish air travel for illegal immigrants, leaving Floridians to foot the bill."

  46. It will save Floridians money in the long run.

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