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  • By - 1q8b

  1. Thanks for the correction, I should be ashamed of being so much used to this God-forsaken site that I misread this as "Reddit Chad Advertiser"

  2. The fact it took 27 comments to find a single Hannibal reference is making me feel old somehow

  3. I just picture things that I think would look hilarious.

  4. Zero Western news outlets reported on this horrible attack. I can only find a source in Spanish:

  5. Merrylands station? Used to have a girlfriend whose parents owned a news agency there. That area was always a bit weird.

  6. While her methods are a little insane, she's right to be upset that the low IQ fast food workers are obedient little sheep crying about masks. "I'll lose my job at KFC!" lol

  7. This video is fairly old. From the start of the pandemic AFAIK.

  8. Can you not see how fucking idiotic sitting on a racetrack is?

  9. Either I'm in the Twilight Zone, or this thread is getting astroturfed hard by climate activists.

  10. No I didn't. I don't write in American English.

  11. American English is the only correct English. All others are imitations.

  12. You know why I love Dalle? I see shit like this, and I can picture and hear segments of this episode in my head.

  13. Correct: At the sixth session of the CERN Council, which took place in Paris from 29 June – 1 July 1953, the convention establishing the organization was signed, subject to ratification, by 12 states. The convention was gradually ratified by the 12 founding Member States: Belgium, Denmark, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Yugoslavia.

  14. To me it looks like a guy that was 1000% unaware of a trampoline beneath him, obviously a dude in that scenario I hope would know that but he absolutely biffed that

  15. He was going to backflip off the trampoline, but fucked up tremendously.

  16. You would say the last two years have been atypical? That may correlate with other events.

  17. I would personally say so. These aren't the best years by a long shot. I expect a much larger volume of these types of incidents until maybe 2035-2040'ish.

  18. Moving to any state that's actually banning or banned abortions is probably the best idea if you like cities and safety. (probably a bad idea if you're a woman though lol)

  19. Lets make two groups, we'll call them "Republicans" and "Antifa", now lets list all the human rights that each of them have removed from law.

  20. Slip n' Sliding down the Grand Canyon in an inflatable raft sounds fun!

  21. SS: A lot of folks still don't realize that undercover cops and feds are often embedded in protests, either to monitor them or to stoke violence that can be used to justify a police crackdown.

  22. This is from last year during anti-lockdown protests, btw. Still good shit.

  23. Video is from July 2020 AFAIK. Still fucked, though.

  24. That skinny dude at the end. Not sure if he was impressed or if he was implying he came close to intervening.

  25. Then what does staged mean to you? Because planning something is exactly what I'd say staged means.

  26. Staged means everyone in the video was in on it. I sincerely doubt that.

  27. Is "being dangerous" what staged means to you? He planned to light a firework in the house and freakout at it for views. It's both dangerous and staged.

  28. I can’t imagine people putting up with this. I’m concerned for my family. You know damn well Biden is going to pull this in September. If you don’t have the omicron version of the shot, your not fully vaxxed and all the mandates start over again.I’ve read a ton of people say that they are done. Won’t have anymore, including my adult kids. But if you caved on the mandates last time so you could keep your job, will you have the strength to walk away This time?

  29. SS: There's so much strangeness surrounding this guy.

  30. so was it his sub, the shooter's?

  31. The dude filming sounds overweight. Fat chance anyone in that house will go in a diet.

  32. You could debate this is staged, but I doubt it. He almost killed himself and his own mother. If you watch the entire video, he seems to think it was going to pop confetti or something:

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