1. This is just sad, I'm sorry

  2. You're an absolute goat for this, I've only been learning this language for a few months and I wouldn't have known. Thank you so much.

  3. Blood Sport from the room below is an amazing song (tbh way better then the original blood sport version)

  4. Tortilla man pfp yoooo❤️‍🔥 Spitting facts

  5. Yeah this is on the nose, not gay but the most attractive guy I know listens to metal/deathcore and doesn’t look like they would

  6. What does it have to do with your sexuality

  7. The faces of these two guys are on the opposing sides of the oblivion character creation slider spectrum

  8. people dunking on falling in reverse and atilla will never not be funny to me

  9. Does it makes your dick and balls fall off?

  10. Tags at the bottom made the whole read so worth it hahaha

  11. Patience, my friend, patience

  12. the boys in Angelmaker deserve a big kiss on the lips for this one

  13. I love how you just kept aiming, going through 5 stages of grief

  14. Over the past few years I've gotten my mom into metal, she went from being a 70s/80s pop, George Michael fan to an Alter Bridge, 5FDP and Metallica fan. I'm constantly trying to pepper some of my metal scene knowledge into conversations with friends and family. I'm the opposite of gatekeeper. The gateway friend. I'm doing my part! 🫡

  15. Man I started listening to Alter Bridge last month and they are now easily one of my favorite bands. Pawns & Kings is a great album.

  16. I saw them live last year it was absolutely awesome, Myles is a sweetheart and he said the crowd totally had the spirit of rock. It was just such a fun time

  17. This absolutely incredible, you should be proud of yourself, all the work that you've done. It's a very fun and unique concept I've not seen before, good job :)

  18. Oh my god you have a Strife profile pic!

  19. Idk but I’d like to see who fucked him up that bad!

  20. You should see the other guy!

  21. I haven't laughed that hard in a while

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