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  • By - 2jbk

  1. ah c'mon dude - gotta show us the finished product now!

  2. Is the Fractured Peaks not count as "Act 1"? Wasn't clear to me.

  3. Yeah I think so- just saying he said the entire act 1 is playable

  4. I belong to several FB groups dedicated to certain brands. I have come to the conclusion that it really is just luck. You can have two units from the same manufacturer. One is perfection and the other is a lemon. I’ve seen it for cheap and expensive brands equally. The more expensive ones seem to have a much nicer look inside.

  5. We have a Jayco 22BH - we love the trailer in terms of what it provides for us but it has no durability what so ever.

  6. I’m having a hard time finding much. I also feel brand new is out of my budget at the moment. Options feel limited

  7. Am I the only one wondering why he needs a go fund me?

  8. I like the option of both - if possible

  9. Stupid mother fucker! Propane gas by itself can be more dangerous than the explosive side of it because propane, as a gas, removes oxygen from the air. The reason why it smells like rotten eggs is because factories add in the smell to make it noticeable due to leaks in tanks that will kill everything and everyone in a house while they are peacefully sleeping.

  10. Other issue is - it’s heavier than air. It lays low. So even with fresh air movement it’s prone to ignition

  11. You sure those are the correct photos? The entire wall is a giant window. How is that "Semi Bright"?

  12. This is - back yard with no trees - bright lol

  13. I would sell them all and buy one better card like a 6600xt/6650xt.

  14. What do you think the 770 and 960 would sell for?

  15. 1060 could be useful for a media platform, the 1660 possibly for some light to mid gaming.

  16. ah thanks. other question, this time BB related. isn't meth naturally white? isn't Walter's blue coloured meth less pure than it could have been because of the colour?

  17. They use a different recipe using methylmean(sp?) that was used in the 80s as opposed to the way it’s made now with sudofed

  18. Yeah I know, but it's not food, it's chemistry which is precise in these details. 100% meth is crystal clear or white I thought, so any colouring points to impurity right? regardless of method. Am I mistaken in that?

  19. I’ve personally never cooked meth using either recipe - so I can’t speak to any of this with certainty.

  20. The AVR is from 2019, and the speakers and sub are very very entry level, much of my comment was in gest, meaning it shouldn't be that much.

  21. If you run no sub, I’d recommend 6.5” books for better bass, if your a bass head or watch a lot of action movies, go for the klipsch reference 10” sub. Just be aware that reciever will not allow a ton of room to expand down the line if that is something you plan on doing. If your open to other brands besides klipsch, the kef 6.5” q series sound fantastic on their own, no sub and no center, and are on sale rn, and gives you a really solid starting point to add on to later. Their dialogue and bass is quite good for just a 2.0 setup.

  22. From one Canadian to another. The A80J is leagues better and your viewing distance of 6.5 feet is solid for the 55 inch size.

  23. Cool. I might try the 55 and return it if I don’t like it! I find it so hard to make the decision when comparing all the levels of quality

  24. I’m in Canada and got an A80j recently…55” at around 8’ away and it’s still incredible. I think you’ll be fine with your distance and that size, and def OLED

  25. We have 18 month old twin boys and both work full time +

  26. What i have learn, is that when you buy something cheap you have to buy it twice

  27. I know that’s what I’m worried about

  28. I'm 7 years in. It gets better, and you learn to live with the rest. Be mindful of your mental health.

  29. 4 years past August here. I agree it gets better. There have been dark days over these years.

  30. Came here to say this. I will leave now

  31. Elect the Dead was such a fucking fantastic album.

  32. It was awesome! I always felt like it was his version of SOAD when they started not getting along.

  33. Short love and a long divorce. A couple of kids of course - they don’t mean anything.

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