1. Is this similar to how Iran forces gay people to transition so they can be in "straight" relationships?

  2. Christ I didn't know that was a thing

  3. My freshman year of high school Filthy Frank was really popular and I gotta be honest I can't imagine a worse thing for a developing brain, I very narrowly missed becoming an actual incel

  4. Would you "whoop" your spouse? No? Why? Oh, because it's abusive? No way

  5. Commit to transitioning, it wasn't a phase

  6. Something fun I've thought about lately is an alternate universe where religion is replaced by hyper-individualistic spirituality and so people develop their own personal rituals and beliefs which are encouraged to be represented in the way they dress themselves and decorate their homes

  7. What console? I honestly couldn't even play the game until I connected a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, the controls were just too wacky for me

  8. Yeah you should be able to connect a bluetooth keyboard, they aren't terribly expensive I got mine for like 20 bucks and it came with a mouse

  9. Consoles are a lot more convenient imo but it's hard to argue when PC has mods

  10. Glens death in the walking dead, was pretty comedic and heart breaking.

  11. They probably ate it raw before

  12. That's just weird to me since that means we had the ability to eat raw meat safely at one time but then lost it

  13. Amazing job doing hitless but since you said you had a lot of trouble with her beforehand: try and keep your stamina bar more full. You’re playing very aggressively which means a lot of your attacks fully deplete your bar. When you fully deplete the bar with an attack, you get penalized with a slower attack animation which leaves you vulnerable for longer and I think it also takes a tiny bit longer for the stamina to start coming back up

  14. I actually didn't know that about the slower animation, good to know!

  15. Yeah I know I didn't have a torch and didn't feel like getting one

  16. I'ma be honest this would've taken me twice as long if I was trying to figure out parry timings

  17. I think every souls fan will know what I mean when I say the undead burg ladder shortcut was freaking awesome when I first found it

  18. I've watched a lot of people do first playthroughs of this game and they make terrible strategic choices, like running past a bunch of enemies, and then complain that its "all ganks". No shit dude, those ganks are the result of your own impatience.

  19. Yeah like I reached the Shrine of Amana thinking "uh oh here we go" and then it was just... fine? A little annoying but not any more so than the anor londo archers

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